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Some subjects you can take in the first semester of business administration include accounting, statistics, and communications.

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Q: Which subjects should i take in first semester in business administration What is your suggestion to me?
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How many years of education does one require to get a career in business administration?

To get a career in business administration one must require 2.5 years of education and earn a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration. There are other subjects one can study to get a job in business administration.

What is the subject of IBA BBA and MBA in Dhaka university?

Subjects are studying business administration.

What cxc subjects are required for business?

At my school I will recommend subjects like: English language & English Literature Mathematics principles of accounts principles of business office administration geography

What kind of curriculum does HEC Paris have?

HEC Paris is a European business school. Therefore the types of subjects on the curriculum are: International Business, Environmental Development and Business Administration.

Are the accounting subjects like office administration principles of accounts principles of business computer study?

in a way yes

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What subjects do you need to do in high school in order to study business administration?

maths, English and computer skills that include using softwear

With which subjects you can preparation of ips?

commerce how about public administration

School subjects needed to become a human resources manager?

To become a human resource manager, you need a bachelor's degree. You need to take the school subjects to earn a bachelor's degree that can include English, human resources, and business administration.

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