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methanol (CH4O)

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Q: Which substance exists as a molecular compound?
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What is a molecule a group of?

A Molecular Substance or Compound.

What substance is a compound steel water gold or air?

Water is the only molecular compound.

What is the name of molecular compound P2O5?

it is Diphosphorus pentaoxide but it exists as dimer P4O10.

What is identity of a substance?

The identity of a substance (chemical compound) is defined by his chemical formula and molecular structure.

A substance made of two or more elements chemically combined?


Substance A is a Molecular compound that dissolves in gasoline but not water. The molecules of A are very likely....what?


What is carbon dioxides chemical substance?

Carbon dioxide is a molecular compound with the formula CO2

Oxygen can be described as a molecular element Sucrose can be described as a molecular compound Explain why these descriptions are appropriate?

Since Oxygen exists in combined state in nature, it is termed as a molecular element and Sucrose is a molecule of Carbon, Hydrogen and Oxygen with no charge on it, hence it is considered a molecular compound.

What is a matter with a composition that is always the same?

Matter with a definite composition is a pure substance, such as an element, molecule, molecular compound, or ionic compound.

Is carbon tetra-hydride a compound or molecule?

Carbon tetra hydride is another name of Methane CH4, it is a compound which exists in molecular form.

Substance X is a molecular compound and is not an acid Based just on this information what can you determine about substance X?

X is not an electrolyte, since you know that it isn't an acid. molecular compounds can be both soluble and insoluble.

What is the smallest particle of a substance that has all the properties of that substance?

For an element, it would be an atom. For a molecular substance, it would be a molecule. If it is an ionic compound, it would be a formula unit.