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They are what you call Halogens.The halogens exist ,at a room temperature,in all three states of matter:

Solid-Iodine,Astatine; Liquid-Bromine; Gas-Fluorine,Chlorine;

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Q: Which substances exist in three forms of matter simultanously at room temperature?
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Name a substance that can exit in all three stats of matter?

Most substances can exist in any of the three states of matter, depending on their temperature. Water if the perfect example: water, steam, and ice.

Why do substances exist as gases?

At a given temperature practically all substances become a gas; it is a change of phase.

Elements and substances can exist in these forms of matter?

Solid, liquid, gaseous and plasma.

What causes matter to exist in three different states?

Temperature causes the matter to exist in three different states. They are Solid, Liqid and Gas. If temperature is increased matter changes into gas and if temperature is decreased it changes into solid.

What phase of matter does carbon exist in at room temperature?

Carbon at room temperature is solid.

The term gas is limited to those substances that exist in the gaseous state at?

room temperature

Give the name of element which exist in all three state of matter?

Don't they all exist in the three states of matter? Depending on the temperature...

What is Liquid things?

yes liquid is matter so is solids and gases

What phase of matter do most elements exist at room temperature?


What state of matter do non metals exist in at room temperature?

There are 2 states of matter. They are solids,liquids and gasses.

In what state of matter does a mercury exist at room temperature?

At "room temperature" - usually considered to be 68 degrees Fahrenheit - mercury is a liquid.

What state of matter do halogens exist in room temperature?

At room temperature and pressure, fluorine and chlorine are gases, bromine is liquid and iodine is a solid