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Which team has the most wins of all sports?


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Well, it really depends on the perspective you are using. For example, if you want to know which sports franchise has the most wins, it is the San Francisco/New York Giants with over 10,075 wins.


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North Carolina Tarheels when you filter in all NCAA sports

Spurs have one the most games in basketball and all other team sports

Games bring peoples together and unite them in a team then no place for religion. If team wins then they wins. all team member have 1 goal then no place for selfness.

The most hated team in all of sports

The University of Michigan has the most college football wins of any NCAA team.

The Dallas Cowboys have 33 post-season wins, most in the NFL.

The Tennessee Lady Volunteers have the most wins.

The best team in the world had 19 wins spanning four consecutive Stanley Cup titles and five playoff seasons. This is a record for all North American professional sports franchises.

It depends on which game you mean and in which league.

In the southeastern conference which team has the most conference championships in all sports combined

All-Time College Basketball Team With Most Wins up til 08-09 season* University of Kentucky with a record of 1988 wins and 635 lossesAll-Time College Football Team With Most Wins 1869-2008* Michigan with a record of 872-295-36

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As of the start of the 2007 season, the Division 1-AA team with the most all time wins was Yale with 839.

lsu Mississippi State has the most wins with 2280. LSU is 7th on the list with 2106.

Kentucky 1st= 1900Wins+ UNC 2nd= 1900Wins+ ?

* Most sports have teams and all the individuals on that team work as one and thus, many form friendships. Also, if a team loses they should be big enough to congratulate the winning team.

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American Football celebrates wins in the Superbowl, soccer teams celebrates winning the World Cup, and American Baseball celebrates winning the World Series. Most victories in all sports is celebrated with champagne and special functions for the fans of that team or sport.

The New York Yankees have the most titles with 27 world series titles

38 games, and 3 points for a win. If a team wins all 38 games then (38x3) = 114

In Football the Aggies have the most wins, in basketball Horns I'm not sure about anything else.

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