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The canine teeth are the smallest ones in the permanent dentition. The other types of teeth are incisors, premolars and molars.

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Q: Which teeth are the smallest ones in the permanent dentition?
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Which teeth are the smallest ones in the permanent dentitions?

mandibular central incisor

Which teeth in a child's mouth are the permanent ones.?

none of their teeth are permanent, they grow 20 and loose 20.

What is the colour of milk teeth and permanent teeth?

baby teeth (deciduous teeth) are generally whiter than permanent teeth. i.e. milk teeth are white, permanent ones are creamy yellow. of course this is different for everyone

Which teeth are permanent teeth?

When you take out you're tooth twice they become permanent teeth you only lose your teeth once. your baby teeth fall out, and the adult ones come in. this doesn't happen twice.

Do permanent teeth have roots?

Yes they sure do. Even bigger ones than baby teeth.

What teeth are your permanent anterior teeth?

The same ones as the primary anterior teeth: Canine, lateral incisor, central incisor.

What is the difference between milk and permanent teeth?

The deciduous (also called primary or milk) teeth are the first ones to appear and they are fully formed by age of 3. The complete deciduous teeth is 20. At age of 6 the first permanent teeth appear by displacing their predecessors. The complete number of permanent teeth is 32. Permanent teeth are stronger than the milk teeth. The word deciduous means to fall off or out. A tree that loses its' leaves in the Fall is called a deciduous tree. Ones that do not are called evergreens.

How do you know how many years the cow has by her teeth?

It is only a simple matter of knowing the time of appearance and the degree of wear of the temporary and permanent teeth. The temporary or milk teeth are easily distinguished from the permanent or adult ones by their smaller size and whiter colour.

Are permant teeth your adult teeth?

yes, your permanent teeth is your adult teeth and once you've got them you hav to be very careful to look after them cause their the only ones you've got for the rest of your life :)

What are permanent teeth?

Permanent teeth are simply just teeth that are your new ones. They are not baby teeth anymore, you must stay healthy/get healthy or they may turn yellow/light brown/etc. So youmuct be 11 years or younger. ~Hope all goes well! And good luck!~

Do you have to wait until you have all of your permanent teeth to get braces?

Yes or else the ones that are not fully grown yet will be cricket. and you dont want that

How many people are missing canine teeth on top?

Myself and 2 of my 4 children do not have permanent canines. We would love to know how uncommon this is. We all had baby ones but, not the permanent teeth. I kept my baby teeth until I was 30 and had dental implants done. My 22 yr old and 16 yr old still have their baby teeth in.

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