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Parthenon i think no that's the wong answer no if it is then someone else put down the wong answer

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Q: Which temple in Athens holds statue of Athena?
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Where is the Mahabodhi Temple?

The Mahabodhi temple is in Bodh Gaya India, and it holds a large gold Buddha statue.

What is the aesthetics of the statue of liberty?

the fire the statue holds

Who are the God and Goddess in niches at left and right in the painting The School of Athens?

To guess by the lyre, the god is either Apollo or Hermes; and the goddess is Athena, who is armored and holds a shield with Medusa's head.

Why was Medusa after Percy Jackson?

Medusa was in a relationship with Poseidon long ago. They got caught together in Athenas temple and Athena found this disrespectful. She turned Medusa and her 2 sisters into the gorgons and Poseidon no longer saw her. When Annabeth and Percy found her she wanted to kill Annabeth because she reminded Medusa of Athena who she holds a grudge against. Percy, however reminded her of Poseidon so she wanted to preserve him as a statue forever. Hope this helped :)

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The Statue of Liberty

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She holds an owl in one hand, a shield in the other.

Does the statue of liberty holds the tablet in her right hand?


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The statue of liberty holds the flame in the right hand.

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