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The term that best describes the movement is gradual.

The term best describes the cells of fungi is Eukaryotic

Medial Malleolus is the best term that describes the inner aspect of the ankle

I think the word beneficial best describes bacteria

The term that describes a group of cells would be Range.

The best term that best describes Greek is ancient. This means it is very old and they worship many Gods.

There is no angle to refer to in this question. Therefore, no answer can be given as to which term best describes the angle referred to.

The representation of a person, animal, or object through voice, movements, and expressions

Western art music is the term that best describes the music of the Classical period.conjunct, diatonic, and singable

"The shape of india" best describes the shape of India. There is not really a particular term to describe that particular shape.

Nationalism is the term that best describes a country formed on shared culture, language and history.

An individual who enhances a script by initiating the creative flow and direction of a stage play production

The best term to describe where life is found is Family or Ecosystem.

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