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King, monarch

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Q: Which term refers to a royal governor of new Spain?
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What is a Gubernatorial Candidate?

gubernatorial refers to a governor. governor in latin is gubernor, and the term gubernatorial is of or related to a governor.

How did Madrid get its name?

"Real" in the club's name is the Spanish term for "royal" and it is in Madrid the capital of Spain.

What did Georgia establish during john Reynolds term as royal governor?


What is the term limit for MN governor?

There is no term limit for the governor of Minnesota.

What is the term limit for the governor?

There is no term limit for the governor of Minnesota.

What is the party represting her majesty's loyal opposition?

The archaic term refers to the NDP, who in no way answers to Her Majesty or any Royal.

How long is the term of a governor in Texas?

Texas Governor's term is 4 years. There are no term limits on the Texas Governor's office.

What is the governor's term of office in Illinois?

The governor's term is four years.

What is the governor's term limit in Iowa?

There are no term limits for Governor in Iowa.

What term refers to the redistricting of a state?

The term gerrymandering is often used when referring to the redistricting of a state. The word was first used in connection with Elbridge Gerry, who served as Governor of Massachusetts.

Who is the Governor of New South Wales?

The appointed royal governor of New South Wales is Professor Marie Bashir, whose term began on March 1, 2001 and will extend at least to February 2014.

Who is the governor - general?

The term Governor-General is used in former British colonies that are still part of the Commonwealth. The title refers to the official representative of the monarch in the now self-ruled nations. The Governor-General of each realm is appointed by the monarch.

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