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These organizations are not arranged hierarchically. Each has a different mission statement.

  • NSA or National Security Agency has no power to arrest. Shrouded in more secrecy than the other agencies you've mentioned, very little public knowledge exists about any operations department -- something they are not really chartered for and they deny. NSA hires more mathematicians than any other organization in the world, and is directly focused on communications, including and especially cryptography.
  • CIA or Central Intelligence Agency has a charter for field operatives, but is not empowered to arrest. The CIA mission is the acquisition and coordination of intelligence out of country, and CIA operations are not supposed to be conducted in the US (although there is some compelling evidence -- mostly papers released under FOIA -- that indicate some US-based operations did in fact occur). CIA will also operate in a training capacity. During the Viet-nam era, CIA operations teams worked in the far east, and it's reasonable to assume that other theaters of operations were supported, and probably remain so to this day.
  • FBI or Federal Bureau of Investigation is the USA Federal Police and, unlike the others, they are vested with the authority to arrest. The FBI focuses on counterintelligence, major and organized crime, interstate crime, and -- with the Secret Service -- operates in an enforcement capacity with the US banking infrastructure. The counterintelligence mission explains a lot of the FBI's overseas presence.
  • Interpol, the acronym for International Police, has no enforcement authority anywhere, and operates in the twin capacities of investigation and coordination of intelligence. There is no InterPol operations arm.
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Q: Which the highest police in America NSA CIA FBI interpol?
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