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Dr. William Glasser

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Q: Which therapist is associated with reality therapy?
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What are the release dates for In Therapy - 2012 Therapist's Therapist 1-4?

In Therapy - 2012 Therapist's Therapist 1-4 was released on: USA: 17 July 2012

What is the main difference between Reality Therapy and REBT?

Reality Therapy relies upon a relationship with the client. Also, with Reality Therapy, the therapist doesn't have the answers; instead, the therapist works with the client to help him/ her understand what s/he wants from the situation. Albert Ellis, the creator of REBT, has been quoted as saying that a relationship isn't important to help someone change an irrational belief. Also, the counselor helps the client understand his/her irrational beliefs and then make a change. The necessitates the counselor knowing what beliefs are rational and irrational.

What careers are there in therapy?

A person can have a great career in the therapy field. Some jobs that a person can get in this field are, a physical therapist, occupational therapist, massage therapist, or a counselor.

What is game therapy?

Game therapy is a form of therapy used with small children. The child plays various games at the therapist's office, or plays with different toys. The therapist notes what the child chooses and how they play. This helps the therapist understand what the child is thinking about.

What type of therapist uses oxygen therapy and measures lung capacity?

Respiratory Therapist

How can I earn physical therapist certification?

To earn your physical therapist certification, you must graduate from a physical therapy program accredited by the American Physical Therapy Association’s Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education. After graduation, you must pass the National Physical Therapist Examination.

Is massage therapy a complement to physical therapy?

Massage therapy is only indicated if prescribed as treatment by the physical therapist.

What words have the root therap?

Therapist, Therapy, Therapeutic.

Which humanistic therapy approach emphasizes the attitudes of the therapist as the core of the therapeutic process?

Person Centered Therapy

What Therapist classes are offered an community colleges?

Some would include, a respiratory therapist, and a physical therapy assistant.

If your therapist is very interested in your dreams blocked memoriesand slips of the tongue which approach to therapy is your therapist using?


What has the author Maria Haarmans written?

Maria Haarmans has written: 'Client-therapist perceptions of helping in psychiatric occupational therapy' -- subject(s): Psychiatry, Occupational therapy, Therapist and patient