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A digital thermometer is less 'intrusive' - as you don't need to hold it in place for any length of time (as you would with a Mercury thermometer). Digital ones give you an almost instant reading.

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Q: Which thermometer is best for baby?
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How do you change a baby thermometer?

a towel will ,change your baby's temperature to cold

What is a baby incubators receptor?

The Thermometer inside it

Temperature of a baby 79.3 is this normal?

If you have measured the baby correctly, then this is very, very dangerous. Get the baby to the ER, IMMEDIATELYOtherwise the thermometer must be broken, or you measured incorrectly. Consult the thermometer guide for info on how to properly measure.

Where can one purchase a baby thermometer?

You can purchase a baby thermometer at pharmacies, medical supply stores, online retailers, and some department stores. Baby thermometers are also available at baby specialty stores and can be purchased from the baby/baby care section of larger stores.

Can you use a baby thermometer to test the temperature of water?

No, it is not recommended to use a baby thermometer to test the temperature of water. Baby thermometers are specifically designed to measure human body temperature and may not provide accurate results for testing water temperature. It's best to use a thermometer specifically designed for measuring water temperature.

What is a Baby thing that starts with e?

Enfamil, Ear thermometer

How much does a baby thermometer cost?

the good kinda about 45$

What is the safest form of baby thermometer?

For children under three years a rectal thermometer is recommended by medical professionals - whereas after three years using an oral thermometer is safe.

Baby items beginning with letter e?

Ear thermometer is a baby item. It begins with the letter e.

What is a grobag egg thermometer used for?

A Grobag Egg thermometer is a thermometer shaped like an egg that is placed in a nursery or baby's room. It shows the temperature of the room and acts as a night light.

What is the Fahrenheit degree for 38.2 Celsius for a baby thermometer?

38.2ºC = 100.8ºF

What is The Benefits of Gurin's Ear Thermometer?

I purchased it from the Amazon and believe me this is one of the best thermometer for ear.