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In a vacuum, they both travel the exact same speed, the speed of light. IIRC that's about 3x108 meters per second.

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Q: Which travels faster in a vacuum - gamma rays or infrared rays?
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Which travels faster in a vacuum gamma rays or infrared rays?

Neither. In vacuum, all electromagnetic radiation has the same speed, regardless of wavelength. It's the speed we call "the speed of light", but it applies to all of those other electromagnetic phenomena too.

Which type of wave travels faster gamma or radio?

The same. Both are electromagnetic waves; in a vacuum, they both travel at the speed of light.

Why is infrared light faster than ultraviolet light?

That would be a very difficult "why" to explain, because it doesn't. All light travels at the same speed in the same medium. In vacuum, it's the speed we call "The Speed of Light". Shockingly, it's the same as the speed of radio, TV, radiant heat, X-rays, gamma rays, WiFi, and microwaves.

What is the difference between infrared ray and gamma rays?

The main difference between gamma rays and infrared rays is in their wavelengths. Gamma rays have the shortest wavelengths while infrared rays have longer wavelengths. Gamma and infrared rays are types of electromagnetic radiation.

Which has higher energy infrared light or gamma rays?

The energy of gamma radiation is much higher than the energy of infrared radiation. You are emitting infrared radiation, but gamma radiation is very harmful to living tissue.

What gives off more energy infrared waves or gamma rays?

Gamma Rays

What other form of energy travels at the speed of light?

All electromagnetic radiation does. That includes radio, microwave, infrared, ultraviolet, X-rays, gamma rays, etc. ... stuff like that.

Do Cell Phones Use Gamma-Electric Technology?

no infrared

Which has the greatest frequency out of radio wave microwave infrared wave visible light ultraviolet light x ray gamma ray?

X-rays have the highest frequency in the electromagnetic spectrum.

Gamma rays have shorter wavelength than infrared rays?

Yes. The wavelength of radiation is w=hc/Energy. Gamma energy is larger than infrared energy, thus has shorter wavelength.

How do infrared waves compare with gamma rays?

Much lower frequency.

Why have scientists put ultraviolet infrared infrared gamma's and X ray telescopes in space?

they did it to get more detailed pictures of space