Which two factors affect the temperature that rocks melt at?


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The pressure and the materials in the rock.

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The rocks will melt when they reach the proper temperature, usually thousands of degrees.

At a temperature of about 1,000 degrees Celsius.

It can make them melt.

At What temprature do rocks melt in to lava? between 600-1200 degrees Celsius

Rocks will melt at different temperatures because they are made with different materials. The minimum heat for melting rocks is 1,200 degrees Celsius.

I think these are the factors: - temperature - sun ray - the surface which the ice cube is placed on and maybe - the size of the ice cube

The rocks don't melt because they are under tremendous pressure. High pressure raises the temperature needed to melt something.

The higher the temperature the faster the chocolate will melt.

following are the three factors affecting volcanic eruption or volcanic activity 1. temperature rise in interior which will cause rocks to melt 2. reduction in pressure which has already increased the melting temperature of rocks. 3. addition of fluids like water which helps in decreasing melting temperature of rocks

Yes, if it is cold it probably melt slowly or not melt at all. if it is hot then the ice cube will melt fast.

It depends which has the greater temperature differential and mass

Answerwhat factors affect the melting point?1) Any impurity in a sample will lower the melting point, even if the impurity melts at a higher temperature.2) An impurity will cause the sample to melt over a wider range.

All rocks can be made to melt.

when rocks melt they become sediments

Temperature above their resistence to melting. Mostly at temperatures as high as 1000 degree celcius.

Temperature and pressure is the answer. Also, a piece of ice will melt faster when there is more surface area like with a hollow ice cube.

if it's high temperature, it'll melt. if it's low temperature, it'll freeze.

Sandstone is a sedimentary rock. Sedimentary rocks will melt when temperatures reach the temperatures of between 2000 and 3000 degrees.

The hotter it is, the faster the butter will melt.

Actually, yes. Rocks can melt, and rocks are made out of minerals, so minerals can melt.

Great pressure and heat, but short of the temperature that would completely melt the rock.

Well I know for a fact that ice will melt faster depending on how hot the temperature is.

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