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Venus is a little bit smaller than Earth. Mars is considerably smaller than Earth. There aren't any other planets that are close to Earth in either size or mass.

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Venus is nearly the same size as Earth. The next closest in size would be Mars, at 1/3 Earth's size. I would not call that "nearly", though.

Earth and Venus are nearly the same size.

Venus is a planet, nearly the same size as the Earth.

Venus is nearly the same size.

The two planets that are closest in size to Earth are it's neighbours: Venus and Mars. Of the two, Venus is nearly the same size, with a diameter of 12,104km (compared to Earth's diameter of 12,756km). Mars is smaller - almost half the size of Earth - with a diameter of 6792km.

In our solar system the two planets that are closest in size are the Earth and Venus.

yes because they are nearly the same size and same colour so they are twin planets

Planets are larger and more massive than asteroids, but very nearly the same size and mass as planets.

Earth and Venus are considered twin planets. They are the same size and orbit the same ways.

I guess the closest planets in size are Earth and Venus

There are three other planets smaller than the Earth; Mercury (smallest), Mars, and Venus (nearly the same size as Earth).Eris, Ceres, Haumea, and Makemake are all dwarf planets, smaller than our moon. Pluto and Charon are also dwarf planets, even though they have moons.

Venus is the planet that is the relative same size as Earth.

There are four inner, or terestrial, planets of which Earth is the largest, but only slightly. Venus is nearly the same size while Mars and Mercury are quite a bit smaller. Jupiter is almost 11 times the size of Earth and Saturn about 9; Uranus and Neptune are both 4 times Earth-size. Remember that mass varies with the CUBE of the size, so mightly Jupiter is 318 times as massively as Earth. Earth, however, is the DENSEST planet, since it has a big iron core.

No two planets within our solar system have the same exact size. However, Earth and Venus are quite close - their diameters differ by only 652km.

you can fit 1million planets the size of earth in the sun

Well, Venus and earth are similar in size. They are known as twin planets because they are so similar in size. Earth is 5.22% bigger than Venus.

Earth but Venus is almost the same size

Venus is nearly the same size and mass as Earth.

Venus and Earth are similar in size, also Uranus and Neptune are pretty similar in size.

Yes Mercury (smallest), Mars and Venus (nearly the same size asEarth).

Over 1,000 planets the size of Earth can fit on Jupiter.

Earth rates third of the planets because of its thrid place in size.

Venus and Earth are very close to the same size. that is why they are called the "twin planets"

The planets of our solar system are most definitely NOT all the same size.

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