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Q: Which type of heat transfer would appear in a hot pot of coffee?
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Heat transfers. The hotter loses heat energy to the cooler.

What kind of heat transfer is a cup of coffee?

A cup of coffee is an example of convection because the heat from the water warms up everything in the cup and all the atoms are bouncing off the cup[ in the coffee] of coffee because the coffee is hot.

What kind of energy transfer takes place when your coffee gets cold?

Heat from the coffee goes to the surroundings. The coffee gets colder, the surroundings get warmer.

How is heat transferred when a cup of hot coffee is placed in a freezer?

Heat can beradiated,conducted or travel byconvection or a combination of these three.The base of the cup would conduct the heat to the surface it is sitting on and the body of the cup would radiate the heat and the air in the freezer would transfer the heat by convection currents.

How is the heat transferred between the hot coffee and the part of the spoon that is in the hot coffee?

Heat will be transferred initially by conduction, which is the direct heat transfer between object (your hand and the liquid). If you leave your hand in long enough, convection will become a major factor. Convection is when currents from a liquid circulate to transfer heat.

Which type of heat transfer would transfer heat through the bottom of a pot?


Which type of heat transfer would transfer heat through the bottom of the pot?


Would adding milk then waiting would keep coffee hotter?

Yes it would. It has to do with the difference in heat transfer, the closer two objects are to being the same temperature, the slower they exchange heat. I know that there was a full explanation of this in a Scientific American article many years ago.

How would heat transfer occur in water in a pot?

water would heat up

Who invented the hot coffee cup band?

The inventor is not known. The coffee cup band is pictured in prehistoric cave paintings in Southern France and Northern Spain. When cups were chiseled out of stone, the heat from the coffee would transfer directly into the hand. Cavemen wove the bands out of palm leaves and wrapped them around their coffee cups.

What is convective heat transfer?

Convection heat transfer is the transfer of heat by the movement of a fluid.

The heat from a campfire is transferred by what energy?

Radiant heat transfer is the primary way you feel heat from a campfire. There would also be convective and conductive heat transfer to the air.