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Striations are cause by pooling of blood after death in the direction of where the body originally was before being moved.

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The arrangement of myofilaments(actin/ myosin) on a myofibril produce the striations of a skeletal muscle cell . Also myofibrils align to give distinct bands. :)

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Q: Which type of muscle tissue contains striations?
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This type of muscle tissue contains striations?

voluntary muscles and cardiac muscles

Type of muscle tissue that lacks striations?

Smooth Muscle

What muscle type has no striations?

Smooth muscle Tissue have no striations. (there are 3 types of muscle tissue - Skeletal, Cardiac, and Smooth) Smooth propels substances along internal passageways involuntarily.

What type of muscle tissue is single cyndrical multinucleate cells with striations?

skeletal muscles

Which type of muscle doesn't have stripes?

The "stripes" in the muscle are called striations. Smooth muscle doesn't have the striations.

Which muscle tissue type consists of single very long cylindrical multinucleate cells with very long striations?

skeletal muscle ONLY

What type of muscle tissue allows you to move your extremities?

Skeletal muscle which has microscopic alternating bands of light and dark called striations. Therefore it is striated, voluntary muscle.

What type of muscle tissue contains spindle-shaped cells?

smooth muscles

Which type of muscular tissue contains an alternating pattern of myofilaments and is under conscious control?

skeletal muscle tissue

Muscle type with striations but not under voluntary control is called?


What type of muscles are striation found in?

Striations are found in skeletal and cardiac muscle. Striations are not present in smooth muscle due to the randomized pattern of actin and myosin filaments.

The only type of muscle that is nonstriated?

The only muscle in the body that is non-striated is the smooth muscle. It does not have any visible striations.

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