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Q: Which type of muscular problem is characterized by broken blood vessels?
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What is the duration of Broken Vessels?

The duration of Broken Vessels is 1.5 hours.

What spots are red?

broken blood vessels broken blood vessels

When was Broken Vessels created?

Broken Vessels was created on 1998-04-18.

When was Broken Vessels released?

Broken Vessels was released on 07/02/1999.

What was the Production Budget for Broken Vessels?

The Production Budget for Broken Vessels was $600,000.

What forms on the skin when blood leaks from broken blood vessels beneath the skin?

A contusion. This characterized by swelling and clotting of the subderal blood. You would probably call it a bruise.

How much money did Broken Vessels gross worldwide?

Broken Vessels grossed $85,343 worldwide.

How much money did Broken Vessels gross domestically?

Broken Vessels grossed $15,030 in the domestic market.

What is peticea?

Superficial Broken blood vessels

What causes a broken eye vessel?

Violent sneezes and coughs can cause broken eye vessels.

What are the particles which control blood loss from broken vessels?


What causes broken blood vessels?

Suddenly angry and hypertension.