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There are a number of schools which offer occupational therapy courses online. To see a list go to

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Q: Which universities offer occupational therapy courses online?
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Are there accredited online occupational therapy programs?

There are no accredited entry-level occupational therapy or occupational therapy assistant educational programs that are offered in the online format. Some educational programs may offer some courses or parts of courses online, but there are no educational programs offered entirely online.

Where can I register for occupational therapy courses online?

You can find online courses in Occupational thearpy at Another site with alot of information is

What occupational therapy courses are available online?

There are a few different occupational therapy courses available online. One of the main ones is TherapyECU online. It is important to look for an accredited online course. It would also be good to check your local community college to see about the online classes they offer, since community colleges are often more affordable.

Where can i find an online art therapy degree?

Nowadays, most colleges and universities offer online courses. Check liberal arts colleges such as Occidental College. They should have a program for art therapy.

Are there physical therapy courses offered online?

yes, there are physical therapy courses online. this seems easy enough.

Where can I find more information on Occupational Therapy Courses? This website gives a lot of information not only on finding courses but, about the position itself. It gives your choices for on site campus's as well as online courses.

On the Internet, where can I find some good physical therapy classes?

The best online physical therapy classes are provide by A.T. Still university. there are two courses you can apply for MS in advanced occupational therapy and MS in advanced physician assistant.

Which universities offer courses online in doctoral studies?

There are many universities that offer online doctoral courses and programs. Capella University, Walden University, and Berkeley College all offer these courses and programs.

Can you take occupational therapy classes online?

There are some occupational therapy classes available online. I would read reviews on the programs at and then decide. Some schools do offer such a course online. You can try University of Phoenix and Penn Foster.

What schools offer occupational therapy classes in the Utah county area?

There are several online schools that offer occupational therapy classes. You can also find classes at local community colleges.

Can I take any physical therapy courses online?

Yes, there are physical therapy courses that are available online, however I recommend taking classes at an actual school so that you have hands on training.

Are there any occupational therapy courses that can completed online in your spare time?

Occupational therapy courses are available online for you to complete in your spare time. Penn Foster School is one such school which offers this course. You can learn at home, in your spare time, at your own pace and earn your career diploma in as six months. All required textbooks, learning aids, and software are included. Complete student support is available by phone, mail, and e-mail. The following link gives you the site for requesting information about this school :

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