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He attended the University of Edinburgh and University of Cambridge

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What two universitys did Charles Darwin go to?

Edinburgh University and after Cambridge University.

What year did Charles Darwin go to university?

learn how to spell UNIVERSITY first

What is the name of the university in Darwin?

Charles Darwin University (CDU)

Where did Charles Darwin go to school?

Darwin went to Shrewbury School and Edinburgh University to study in medicine.

Where did Charles Darwin go to college?

He Went to Medical School, Then dropped out. And Went to Cambridge University.

What university did Darwin go to?

Darwin studied at 1. Edinburgh University and 2. Cambridge University.

Charles Darwin attended what university?

Charles Darwin went to college at the University of Edinburgh in 1825 for two years. He then went to college at Christ's College, Cambrige in 1827 for four years.

What college did Charles Darwin go to?

I'm pretty sure he went to the University of Cambridge-- they have a building there for his widow. However, I'm not sure which college in that University.

What university did Charles Darwin go to?

He was a boarder at Shrewsbury School. The official name was the Mount House.Darwin went to Edinburgh University in October 1825 to study medicine.

What did Charles Darwin study at university?

He studied for the degree of Bachelor of Arts.

Who is famously associated with 'evolution'?

Charles DarwinCharles DarwinCharles DarwinCharles DarwinCharles DarwinCharles Darwin

Did Charles Darwin go to heaven?

History does not recall.

What did Charles Darwin find or discover?

Charles Darwin found or discovered evolution

Was Charles Darwin a zoologist?

Charles Darwin was a Naturalist.

What was Charles Darwin expertise?

Charles Darwin was a naturalist.

Where was Charles Darwin bron?

Where was Charles Darwin born

Was Charles Darwin name Charles?

Charles Darwin's name was Charles Robert Darwin.

Which islands did Charles Darwin go?

Charles Darwin is most famous for his expeditions and remarkable evolutionary discoveries at the Galapagos Islands.

What did Charles Darwin have a doctorate in?

Nothing. He studied at the Edinburgh University and Cambridge but didn't get a doctorate.

Was Charles Darwin correct?

Yes, Charles Darwin is correct.

Was Charles Darwin loved?

yes charles darwin was loved

What were Charles Darwin invention?

Charles Darwin was not an inventor, he was a discoverer

Who is Charles Darwin parents?

Robert Waring Darwin: 1766 - 1848. Robert Darwin studied medicine at the University of Leyden in Holland and completed his medical studies at Edinburgh, England, in 1786. Charles Darwin's mother Susannah died in 1817, when Charles was only 8 years old.

What is Charles Darwin full name?

Charles Barthonemew darwin...I am his siter!

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