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Not all version of Redhat Linux is free but you can download many desktop versions free.

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Q: Which version of Linux from Redhat Software is free?
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What is the main use of redhat?

Red Hat, Inc. is an American software company that provides open-source software products to enterprises.It has its own RHEL OS which is used in servers and they charge us for support their is free alternative of rhel os is centos.

What is the main difference in between redhat Linux and fedora Linux?

The term "main difference" is vague and subject to interpretation. I'll try to list a couple of what some folks consider "notable" differences. 1) Redhat Linux is normally purchased and various levels of support are also available for purchase. Fedora Linux is free (free as in beer as the saying goes). 2) Redhat Linux contains some features/enhancements not necessarily found in Fedora Linux or CentOS Linux - mostly these features are designed for enterprise environments. Hope this helps.

What is the cost of Linux software?

Completely free. If someone sells you Linux, it is legitimate, however, it will not be for a license to use the software. The GPL is not that kind of license. However, it is still free as in freedom, not free as in beer, meaning it is entirely valid under the GPL to sell Linux.

Where can you download Linux for free at?

There are a variety of different Linux software downloads available for download. One can download basic Linux for free from sites such as Download Linux Free and Softonic.

Why do people use Linux. Its illegal?

Linux is not illegal. Linux is a free, public license software modeled on Unix.

Is Linux a stable operating system for using free office software?

Linux is a stable operating system for using free office software such as LibreOffice. Many varieties of Linux already have LibreOffice installed by default.

Can you download a version of Linux from the internet for free?


How has Linux affected the market for proprietary software?

Linux is an open source software that has not had a detrimental affect on the marketing of proprietary software. Linux is computer operating system assembled under the model of free and open source software development and distribution.

When was Linux RedHat discontinued?

Red Hat Linux was discontinued in 2004 in favour of Red Hat Enterprise Linux for enterprise environments. However, Red Hat Linux still exists as "Fedora", free for home use, developed by "Fedora Projects", though the entire line is no longer commercial and only supported by the Linux community.

Where do you find Linux-compatible software?

Most Linux distributions have a software repository that you can access like an App Store, most of which are Free/Open Source Software (F/OSS) but there are notable exceptions such as Ubuntu Software Center that also provide commercial software. The software in a repository tends to be designed to work with that particular distribution and that particular version, so is always the first place to go for new software

Is redhat Linux is open source?

While Red Hat uses strict trademark rules to restrict free re-distribution of their officially supported versions of Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Red Hat freely provides the source code for the distribution's software even for software where this is not mandatory. As a result, several distributors have created re-branded and/or community-supported re-builds of Red Hat Enterprise Linux that can legally be made available, without official support from Red Hat. CentOS,Scientific Linux, and Oracle Linux aim to provide 100% compatibility with Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

What are the benefits of Linux?

You will learn alot about your computer. More than you ever probably planned on learning.Its free, unlike windows, and all its software is free. Some of which is very expensive to buy if it was the windows version.