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Someone once told me that it was man city team that won in 1967-68, but could not provide any stats to back it up.

There may be some degree of doubt as MCFC do not cry it from the rooftops that they have that distinction


Last record of this was in 1967/68 when Manchester City won the League and 10 of them were from Manchester.

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Who were the last all English born team to win the champions league?

The last English club to win the Champion league is Liverpool. In the year 2005.

What team was at the top of last seasons English premier league?

manchester united

Which was the last team to win the English League with an all English team?

I believe the last all English team was Manchester City 1968 Dowd,Booke ,Pardoe,Doyle,Booth,Oakes,Summerbee,Bell,Lee,Young,Coleman

What team came last in English premier league last season?

Three teams were relegated from the Premier League at the end of 2015 - 2016.Aston Villa, Norwich and bottom of the league (last) was Newcastle.

Which team were the last to win the old English First Division before the creation of the English Premier League?

Leeds United

How many goals did each team in the English premiere league score last year?


When did English football team last win a tournament?

A domestic team or the national team? The English National team won the world cup in 1966 Manchester United won the champions League in 2008

Which team in the old English league has scored the most goals in the league?

The team in the old English league that has scored the most goals in the league is Manchester United.

Is their a football league team with a j in their name?

st johnston is a british team but not a English league team

When last was there no English teams in champions league quarter finals?

1995-96 season, when Blackburn, the only English team, finshed bottom of their group.

When does English premier league finals start?

There are no finals or playoffs in the English Premier League. The league plays 38 matches a season, and whichever team has the most points at the end of 38 games wins. The last game is typically in mid May.

When was the last time there was not a british team in the champions league?

That was very recently!. Infact the last time there werent any English teams in the Champions League final was in 2014 when it was contested by Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid.

What team won the English Premier League in 1970?

Arsenal were the winners of the English Premier League winners in 1970.

What team won the English Premier League in 1972?

The Liverpool club were the English Premier League winners of 1972.

Was the winner of the English Premier League in 1952?

The Leicester City team the winners of the English Premier League in 1952.

What league is Portsmouth the soccer team in?

Currently, in the 2012-2012 season, it is in the English Championship. It is the league right below the English Premier League.

Which English team plays in the scottish league?


What welsh team was promoted to english league?


Which English Premier League team were thumped 4-0 5-0 twice and 6-0 once in the league last season?

derby county

Where are the arsenal soccer team from?

Location : North London, League: English Premier League

What is real team name in PES 2012 English League?

barclays premier league

Is Manchester United a football team?

Yes it is a football team in the English Premier League.

Most Appearances for an English league team for the world cup?

English League teams do not participate in the World Cup - it is a national competition.

What team won the English Premier League in 1963?

The English Premier League winners (EPL) of the season ending 1963 were Everton.

Do any English football teams play in the Scottish League?

Berwick Rangers is the English football team that plays in the Scottish League.