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Q: Which wave property changes when two waves interfere in the same meduim?
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Do meduim's move with waves?

Yes they do

Is interference a property of only some types of waves or all?

All waves interfere, like the waves on water surface the single waves add up and create a brand new wave.

WhAT IS A a sound wave that requires a meduim?

Longitudinal waves require a medium to propogate . Example are sound waves

Can light waves and sound waves interfere with each other if yes why?

They can't interfere.

Can sound waves travel without a meduim?

No. Sound waves must travel through a medium, such as air, liquid, or a solid.

How do waves interfere with one another?

Two waves of equal magnitude but opposite phase interfere with one another to cause the waves to disappear. This is caused by

What are sound waves that interfere to create standing waves?

antinodes apex

Compare the loudness of sound waves that are in phase when they interfere with the loudness of sound waves that are out of phase when they interfere?

they bounce im blood crips die

Do waves loose energy when they interfere?


How electromagnetic waves travel in a vacuum?

Electromagnetic waves are changes in both the electric and magnetic fields of space, which propagate as a wave. These do not need atoms to propagate - on the contrary, the presence of matter tends to interfere with light, etc.

What property of the sound waves changed to produce the louder volume?

Well, the sound waves get bigger due to increase in volume, but the pitch does not changes, the waves themselves in real life get louder and therefore harder to absorb

Where two waves interfere the displacment where two troughs meet is?

When two waves interfere, the displacement where two troughs meet is negative.