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Which way does the thermostat go in a 2001 Dodge Stratus?

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the spring side goes into the engine

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How do you fix code p0513 on your dodge stratus?

The Dodge Stratus was produced from the years 1995 to 2006. The best way to fix the P0513 code in a Dodge Stratus is to disconnect the negative terminal and then reset the ECM.

Where is the crank sensor located on a 2001 Dodge Stratus?

I was informed it was on the bell housing somewhere,get the new one and look at the plug in that way you have a reference when your searching.

Which direction do you go when you adjust the rear brakes of your 2001 dodge stratus?

They should only turn one way--if you try to turn the wrong way you will be stopped by the auto adjuster

Which way does the thermostat go in a Dodge Dakota?

The spring side of any thermostat always goes towards the engine.

What does deck mean on the odometer on an '06 Dodge Stratus?

It means your trunk is not closed all the way

Will the rims 20 inch rims on a 2008 dodge charger fit on a 2002 dodge stratus coupe?

The offset is way different .even if they bolt on, they will stick out the sides

Dodge 1996 dodge stratus dings and doors lock when driving?

That usually means that one of the doors is not shut all the way or there is a misadjusted door ajar switch.

How do you replace the thermostat located on a 1996 Dodge Ram Van B150?

Loosen the alternator bracket, move it out of the way. The thermostat is at the end of the upper radiator hose where it curves into the engine

What is the fastest way to change the fuel filter on a 1995 Dodge Stratus?

The fuel filter in is the fuel pump in the gas tank you cannot change it, Declan.

How can you check an alternator on a 1999 dodge stratus?

To check if your alternator is working properly, the easiest way to get it checked is to take it to a Kragens or Autozone, They will checkj it for free.

Which way does the thermostat go on a 2001 ford focus?

The sensor goes up. The flat side down.

How do you replace the battery on an 2002 Dodge Stratus?

The battery is located by the driver's front wheel. You have to turn the wheel all the way in to access the panel to remove the battery.

How do you check the starter on a 1998 dodge stratus 2.0 L?

Simplest way would be to remove it and take it to Auto Zone -they'll do a free bench test for you.

1998 Dodge Stratus ES 2.5 V6 Is there a way to test the fuel injectors?

i paid a cheny dealer to test my injectors and it cost 150.00 for the test. that is the only way to get then tested is to have a mechanic do it

Will 22 inch rims fit on a 2005 Dodge Stratus?

i had a problem with this too so i got 20s but if u get a lift kit they will fit.iam gettin mine lifted i have a 2004 and factory its pretty low so the only way to get 22s on a stratus is to get it lifted.

What is the best way to replace the thermostat on a 2001 dodge cargo van 1500 and 6-cylinder?

Generally you have to take off the thermostat housing (where the top radiator hose attaches to the engine) you need to unclamp and remove the hose then the housing normally 2-4 bolts then it will be underneath. You can get a new one at any auto parts store.

Does a stratus motor fit an eclipse?

First, which engine are you talking about? Better yet, I'll just say yes. Fit and finish, A Dodge Stratus is exactly like a Mitsubishi Eclipse all the way down to the lug nuts. The only difference is badging and exterior.

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