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Q: Which well-known pop singer attended University High with George?
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Where does ramona singer's daughter go to school?

Ramona Singer's daughter, Avery Singer, attended the University of Virginia for her undergraduate studies. Additionally, she attended Fordham University School of Law for graduate studies.

What famous country western singer attended Oklahoma university?


Who was John rogers?

He was born in Worcester, Massachusetts, but attended McGIll university. He was a writer, director and a singer, i believe.

What country singer briefly attended both The University of Vermont and Vanderbilt University before dropping out to pursue a music career?

Dierks Bentley

At which schools did Farhad Darya study?

Farhad Darya attended Harbibia High School, Kabul University, and Polytechnical University of Kabul. Farhad Darya is an Afghan singer and composer and also producer.

When was George Singer born?

George Singer was born in 1786.

Did any singer attend college?

One of the singers of the band 98 degrees, Nick Lachey, attended Miami University. However, this is not typical and most popular singers do not attend college.

When was George Evans - singer - born?

George Evans - singer - was born in 1963.

When was Marcus George Singer born?

Marcus George Singer was born in 1926.

When was Linda George - Australian singer - born?

Linda George - Australian singer - was born in 1951.

When was George Baker - record singer - born?

George Baker - record singer - was born in 1885.

When did George Baker - record singer - die?

George Baker - record singer - died in 1976.