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Any word that has the root opto- like optometry etc.

Not to be confused with the root ophthalmo- meaning eye.

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Q: Which words are derived from the greek word for sight?
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What does the word chromosome mean in greek?

The word "chromosomes" derived from Greek words chroma (to colour) and soma (body).

What was the English meaning of the Greek word gospel?

The word 'gospel' is derived from the Greek words meaning 'good news'.

What words originate from the Greek word Polis?

Often one finds that English words are derived from Greek words. This couldn't be farther from the truth with the Greek word Polis. The Greek word Polis is found in modern words: metropolis, Annapolis,and Minneapolis.

Which word is derived from two greek words meaning a circle of learning?


What does the word photo mean in the words photograph and photosynthesis?

It is derived from the Greek word (photos) meaning light .

What does long mean in Greek?

The Greek word for 'long' is 'macron'. It is found in some Greek-derived words in English, such as macrobiotic and macron.

What words are derived from the Greek god Aphrodite?

LOVE (aphrodite is the goddess of love)ANSWER:The word "aphrodisiac" is derived from Aphrodite.

Where did the word hippopotamus originate from?

Hippopotamus is derived from the two words in Greek for "Water Horse."

Words derived from greek word cronus?

Anachronism, chronic, chronicle, chronology, synchronize.

Is Xenon a Greek word?

It is derived from xenos, which is a Greek word.

What is word derived from greek words for wood and sound?

Perhaps you mean xylophone ( "wood voice").

What are some words for gram?

The word gram is derived from the Greek gramma, meaning a small weight.