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It primarily depends on the skill of the practitioner. Ask yourself who would win a gun fight - - the guy with a revolver, or the guy with a semi-automatic pistol. They are both just as deadly, and it all depends on who has the best aim, and who gets off the first accurate, fatal shot. Chances are, they might just end up both getting seriously wounded or killing each other.

There is an old saying. When two tigers fight, one will end up dead, and the other will crawl away badly wounded.

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How do you win points in Tae Kwon Do?

by striking your opponents in a tournament enough times

What will win at judo vs Tae Kwon Do?

it's judo or taekwondo because it depends on how good the judo or taekwondo person i.

What prizes can you win in Tae Kwon Do?

Generally speaking, the prize awarded to tournament winners is a medal, hung around the neck from a ribbon. Trophies are also common.

Who would win in a fight Jackie Chan or The Karate Kid?

The Karate Kid is just a character in a movie so of course Jackie Chan would win.

Who would win karate or Kung Fu?

well it depends who's better.

If kenpo karate and aikido will fight who do you think will win?

In my opinion, if their was someone performing karate and someone performing aikido and they were both equally as good as each other, aikido would win. It would win because karate gives a lot of punches or kicks that are easy to catch and then get thrown onto the ground. I believe that it will be more dependent on the skill of the practitioners then the art. There are so many variables that it would not be easy to say. Karate practitioners also learn grappling techniques.

How do you win first place in forms for Tae Kwon Do?

Perform each movement perfectly, precisely and powerfully. One way to communicate the power of your techniques to the judges is through the snapping sound that your uniform makes when you execute your movements.

Who would win in a fight Elmo or Miss Piggy?

Miss Piggy , she knows karate .

How do you win a karate match?

You get more points then your opponent.

How do you win a karate competition?

train and get really good

Where is the karate man on meez?

you have to win all games

Who is the first American to win the World Koshiki Karate Championship?

John Gaddy is the first American to win the World Koshiki Karate title 1985 in Brisbane, Australia.

Who was the first man to win an olympic gold medal for karate?

karate has never been an olympic sport unfortunatly.

Who are the most famous Tae Kwon Do athletes?

Stephen Lopez from the USA is one of the most successful taekwondo athletes to date. He is the first athlete to win five consecutive world championships.Tina Morgan is the first Australian athlete to have ever won a World Cup Title

Who would win a giant clam or sandy cheeks?

Sandy Cheeks with her karate moves Break it down now, take it downtown.

How do you win a karate fight?

first you will need lots of training and practice.

If squidward and SpongeBob fought who would win?

Well, obviously Spongebob because good ol' Squiddy is a weeny and spongebob knows karate

How many battles do you need to win to get your blue belt?

You don't need to win them but in Kyokushin Karate you have to do 3 battles.

Who would win Kim Possible or batman?

definitely batman....... she would try to do some karate on him he would snap her leg in half if she tried to kick him then he would batterang her in the face and he would run off into the night.

Who would win a Japanese ninja or a Chinese ninja?

There is no such thing as a Chinese ninja. Ninjas originated from japan. however China had far superior karate masters. So basicaly the Chinese were highly skilled in karate but not with weapons. whereas the Japanese knew karate but they weren't as good as the Chinese but the Japanese were highly skilled with weapons. so in my opinion, in a fight between a feudal Chinese warrior and a feudal Japanese warrior (ninja) , the Japanese ninja would win

Who would win SpongeBob or Patrick?

Patrick could just sit on spongebob and win. However, Spongebob knows karate, and wouldn't let Patrick sit on him. I gotta hand this one to S-Bob

Do belts in karate help you do better karate?

Belts states the level of your expertize in the sport. It also inspires you to work harder to win the next belt!

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