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For a common Bachelor's degree, 124 total college hours, of which usually 42 advanced hours of study are required. Major Requirements: A major of at least 24 semester hours. Minor: A minor is at least 18 hours, of which a minimum of 6 hours must be advanced, from a field outside the major. Other hours consist of the school's general education degree requirement, english, math, science, languages, etc. Each school is different. Most schools also have a minumum number of hours that must be completed AT THEIR SCHOOL which cannot be transferred in from another school or jr college.

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Q: While in college many people get a minor and major in something how can you do this at the same time?
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What major did Kanye West have in college?

Mr.West was an English major while attending Chicago State University.

Can you get something bigger than a major in college?

I do not know what you are referring to by bigger. A major is a students primary program of study.

Is there a college major that begins with a m?

Music is a college major. Marketing is a college major. Mechanical engineering is a college major.

What did Ronald Reagan major in while in college?

He went to Eurkea college, a community college, where he studied economics and sociology. He played football and was in college plays. After college he was a radio sports announcer.

What is major accomplishment?

A major accomplishment is when you accomplish something and it has an effect on alot of people

What is the difference between getting your masters and majoring in something?

When you "major" in something, you are typically a college undergraduate going towards an Associate or Bachelor's degree. When you are getting your masters, you have already "majored" in an area, graduated college, but are now in graduate school getting an advanced degree typically in the field you "majored" in while in college. A Masters degree is often a degree one gets before getting their PhD.When you "major" in something, you are typically a college undergraduate going towards an Associate or Bachelor's degree. When you are getting your masters, you have already "majored" in an area, graduated college, but are now in graduate school getting an advanced degree typically in the field you "majored" in while in college. A Masters degree is often a degree one gets before getting their PhD.

What was Bill Walton's major in college?

Bill Walton's major in college was communications. He attended University of California Los angeles. He played basketball while he was there, and was voted arguably the greatest college basketball player of all time.

Is it easier to get into college with a specific major?

No, because some colleges have limits on the number of people who can be in a specific major.

What was Oprah's major in college?

What was Oprah's major in college

What do you need to major in to become a pediatrian?

It doesn't matter what you major in while in college, as long as you take the required courses to go to medical school.

What were the most points scored by a player in a major college football game?

it was Joe Montana with 90 something

What did Jerome Bettis major in college?

Jerome Bettis did not graduate from college. While at Notre Dame he took courses in history, philosophy, marketing and business.

What do pediatricians major in while in college?

There is no particular major that doctors need to take before they go to medical school, though many choose a science major. Biology is probably the most common major, but other sciences are common, and even some people with literature or psychology can go to medical school.

Why do many college students often change from one major to another?

== == Most people dont know what they are going to major in. Almost everyone changes majors during college.

What is the difference between a college minor and major?

You can not just enroll in a minor. You must be first enrolled in a major and then you can add on a minor. The minor is usually just extra set of courses you are required to take in that area.College Major - A major is the main field that you want to specialize in while you are still an undergraduate at a college. ( A lot of units in college will be devoted into your major because that's going to be your career choice in life, that's why you are studying it.)College Minor - A minor is a secondary field that you want to specialize in while you are working on your major. Generally, your major is what your intended career is, but your minor is something you pursue because of your personal interests.For example: If I want to major in Education to teach primary schools (Which is elementary schools) then that would be my major for college. But, lets say that I love doing education, but I also love going to church to do ministries to help people out, then I can do ministries by making it a minor. Thus, my major is Education and my minor is Ministries. By doing this, you have more flexibility in what you want to do and it just gives you more options to work with because when you graduate college, it proves to others that you can do education and ministries because you put your time and efforts into it.There are number of universities in India running number of courses some best universities which are recommended are:Pune University,Delhi UniversituIndraprashta UniversityLovely Professional UniversityJamia Millia University

If you go to college majoring in one thing can you go to graduate school and major in something different but related?


is photography a college major option?

Photography is definitely an option for a college major. Many people who want to work for newspapers or magazines will study photography. It is generally part of an Arts Degree.

Why is it important to study business in college?

Business is an important major to study in college. It allows people to start their own businesses and be entrepreneurs.

What percentage of college graduates end up in a career different from their major?

70%, while the other 30% are unemployed.

What is the Difference between cumulative GPA and major GPA?

Cumulative GPA is the Overall Graduate Average point in the entire stage of a specific major while the University or college divide them into semesters or years.This GPA is due to the result of ALL courses ( Major and non-Major). While, Major GPA is the Graduate Average point of the Major courses and the Major Elective one, while GER courses and GER Electives are excluded from that domain.

What do you do if your girlfriend wants to go away to college not because she wants to major in something that the school specializes in but just for the experience?

Support her. If it's something she wants to do let her do it. But warn her of the cost! And if she still wants to go them help her apply for scholarships. They'll help with the cost, but there's a chance that the college won't give her the scholarship.Also, people who go to college are more likely to get jobs then those who didn't.

Are there any people who have come forward who went to school with Obama?

Yes, many people who knew him at Occidental, Columbia, and Harvard have come forward and spoken about it. There have been a number of interviews in major magazines, in fact. We also have some photographs of him in college, and there are articles he wrote while he was in college. It is a myth, promoted by the Birthers, by his political opponents, and by people like Donald Trump, that nobody ever knew Barack Obama in college.

What common college major of study do most presidents have in common?

More of them study law than any other major. Before law school. they major in something related to law school study.

Should a college major and a college minor be similar?

it will be beneficial to you if they compliment each other but its not a requierment that they are similar. For instance, my major is education and my minor is spanish so that i can teach all subjects including spanish. But you dont want to do something like major in accounting and minor in physical education.

What have been your major achievements to date?

Many people consider graduating college as a major achievement. They can also consider getting a nice paying job as a major achievement.