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Q: Whilst having a nose bleed you noticed a large blood clot come from your moth is this normal?
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Is it normal for a pregnant dog to bleed?

Yes, it is normal. Because the dog is having it's periods whilst being pregnant, when eggs come out that haven't been filled by sperm. Our dog had periods recently, but she wasn't pregnant. Don't worry, it's completely normal and healthy.

Is it normal for a dog to bleed vaginally after having an operation to have puppies?

Yes, perfectly normal.

Is it normal to bleed slightly after having epliated your armpits?

yes it is normal. it will bleed until the skin becomes used to it. dont worry.

Is it normal for your cat to bleed before having her baby's?


Is it normal to bleed whilst 4weeks pregnant?

if it is just spotting, then yes. you're most likely just bleeding from implantation.

Is it normal to bleed for two weeks after a miscarriage stop bleeding for a week and then bleed for another three weeks?

Yes, this is very normal after having a miscarriage. It can take several months for your body to get back to normal.

Is it normal to bleed bright red with blood clots the day after having your IUD removed?

Yes, it can be normal to bleed bright red with clots after having your IUD removed. Was your period due? The bleeding is not a sign of a medical problem.

Is it normal to bleed when you have popped your cherry?

It's normal to bleed and not to bleed. It differs for people.

Is it normal to bleed for two days when your cherry pops?

Sometimes having sex starts your period

Is it normal to bleed very slightly after having intercourse?

It is slightly normal to bleed after having intercourse. It doesn't happen to all females, but it does affect others. It doesn't mean that anything is wrong with your body, but in other cases bleeding after intercourse could be a symptom of the curable STD gonorrhea.

If you didn't bleed when you lost your virginity can you still get pregnant?

When having sex for the first time it is normal to bleed. But if you didnt it doesnt affect your chances of pregenacy at all.

Why does a female dog that is fixed still bleed?

You shpuld take her to the vet and get her checked out. This is not normal. It would be like a woman having a hysterectomy, and still continues to bleed.

Is it normal to bleed after a pap smear if I'm eight months pregnant?

no it is normal to be bleeeding but perhaps you are having contraptions love from aaron bell

Is it normal to bleed when being fingered but then not bleed when you had sex a month later?

No, bleeding is never normal - the idea that you should bleed when you have sex the first time is a myth, you should never experience bleeding when you are having sex or engaging in sexual activity. Chances are you bled when you were being fingered because your partner was rough so damaged vaginal tissues, it's normal for you not to bleed when you have sex.

Is it normal for tattoos to bleed days after having it done?

sometimes , but usually it should sxtop after the first day.

Is it normal to bleed while fertilization is taking place after having an IUD?

You wouldn't normally bleed when the sperm meets the egg. That is true whether or not you've used an IUD.

Is it normal to bleed while 35 weeks pregnant?

Yes it is especially if your having intercourse I bleed throughout my pregnancy and went to the dr everytime to find out all was well.

How about the other girls connot getting bleed for the first time sex. this a nornal or no?

It's normal to bleed and not to bleed. Both is normal.

Is it normal for young rabbits to bleed?

Depends if they bleed out of its mouth than it needs the vet but it is normal for a baby rabbit to bleed out of its bottom.

How many days is normal to bleed in six weeks of pregnancy?

It is not normal to bleed during pregnancy.

What is the difference between internal and normal bleeding?

Internal bleeding is when you bleed on the inside as where normal bleeding is where you bleed on the outside

Do pubic lice bites bleed?

Pubic lice bites bleed, but are tiny bites and may not be noticed quickly.

Is it normal to bleed when you pee after sex for a couple days?

it is totally normal for you to bleed after peeing after sex, you obviouslly do it too much or he has just hit a certain spot and it makes you bleed, totally normal.

Is it normal for a dog to start to bleed after 4 weeks of having puppies?

Some dogs will go back into heat soon after having puppies, even if they are still nursing them. In that case, it is normal for a dog to start to bleed after 4 weeks of having puppies. If the blood smells bad, looks odd, or if your dog seems ill, call your vet since she could be in need of treatment for an infection or other problem.

Is it normal for your penis to bleed?

It is not normal for the penis to bleed. If you haven't accidentally hurt or cut it then visit your doctor for a diagnosis.