White tiger prey

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In the wild, white tigers would hunt for the same prey as normal Bengal tigers, such as deer.

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Q: White tiger prey
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Related questions

What is the prey of the white tiger?

The prey of a white tiger is anything that they sense that has meat.

What is a white tiger a prey prediator or niether?

the white tiger is a prediator

What prey does a white tiger hunt?

yo Mommy

What does the white tiger do to hunt its prey?

A white tiger would do the same thing a regular tiger does, but all white tigers are born in captivity, and therefore are given food.

How does white tiger obtain food?

By catching their prey and eating it.

What is a white tiger predator or prey?

Tigers are Apex Predators.

What are the affects on ecosystem if white tiger extinction?

The white tiger would normally control the population of its prey, but facing extinction, the tigers prey will flourish and overpopulate. (: Hope that helps.

Does a white tiger have any prey?

Yes. All the prey consumed by normal tigers like deer, buffalo, monkeys etc are prey for the white tigers too.

Diet of the white tiger?

A white tiger eats the same as a "normal" tiger. Meat, and lots of it. They are carnivores and most if not all of the vegetation they get comes from the inside of the animals they prey on.

How is white tiger different from the normal tiger?

Well the obvious reason is that the White tiger... is white compared to the Siberian. But they do kind of have different hunting strategies, different habitats, and they like to eat different prey.

How does a white tiger get there pray?

they camouflage and then jumo out and run fast and pounce on their prey

Why are white tiger white?

so that they can hide from even bigger preditors and make it easy to catch there prey

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