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Thomas Jefferson founded the Democratic Republicans. His administration was an example of what came to be called Jefferson Democracy. He opposed a federal bank and wealthy interests against the working man. This group splinted in later years and Andrew Jackson was the first democrat elected president.

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Q: Who The ideas of led to the founding of the Democratic Party?
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Who led the founding of the US Democratic Party?

By most accounts, the Democratic Party emerged in the 1830s, led by Martin Van Buren, who became president in 1837.

Who led to the founding of the democratic party?

Andrew Jackson

The democratic republican party was led by?


What was Samuel adams political party?

Samuel Adams was a Founding Father who was a member of the party of Jefferson, the Democratic Republicans. He led the movement that would take shape and become the American Revolution, and is noted for developing the principles of American Republicanism.

What party believed in an emphasis on agriculture?

the democratic-republican party led by thomas Jefferson

Who led the democratic- republican party?

The Democratic-Republican Party was originally created by Thomas Jefferson and James Madison. It was founded in response to opposition to the Federalist Party.

Who lead the Russian Constitutional Democratic Party?

Peter Struve founded (in 1905) and led the Constitutional Democratic Party in Russia. The Constitutional Democratic Party was known as the "KaDets" from the acronym of its name. They were liberals but not Marxists.

Anger over the election of 1824 led to a split in which political party?

Democratic-Republican Party.

What issues led the split in the democratic party in the late 1850s?


The Kansas Nebraska act eventually led to the birth of what political party?

The Republican Party, but not as you know it today

What happened to the democratic republican party before the election of 1828?

It denounced the spoils system.

Disagreements between cabinet members during Washington's presidency led do the formation of what?

It led to the federalists (hamiltons party ) and the democratic - republican(jeffersons party)