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Peter was present at the time of Jesus arrest. nd heis the only man to defend Jesus.

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Q: Who among the Apostles were present during Jesus' arrest?
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What silent onlooker observes Jesus' arrest in Mark?

Peter is mentioned as being present at Christ's arrest.

Was Paul one of Jesus' apostles?

No. He never knew Jesus during Jesus' time on Earth.

What problems did the Apostles have?

During Jesus's time, the apostles were wanted by the authorities for disturbing the peace. They were also in danger of being arrested after Jesus was crucified.

What are the name of the diciples who were with Jesus when he was arrested?

The disciples present at the arrest of Jesus are not specified except for Peter, James, John, and Judas. It is likely they were all present.

Total no of Jesus apostles?

Jesus had 12 apostles.

Who Was there besides the apostles at the Lord's last supper?

At the last supper Jesus along with his 12 disciples were present.

What was the relationship between Jesus and Peter?

Peter was one of Jesus's closest apostles. He was also one among the three apostles who were with Jesus during his 'Transfiguration'. Peter is also depicted as a spokesperson for the apostles in the gospels. He is often considered as the chief of the apostles and also as the first Pope by the Roman catholic church.

How is Jesus present during Easter?

Jesus rose from the dead.

Who will Jesus send to be everpresent?

Jesus told the apostles that once he was risen he would sent someone to be ever present and as a comforter. This refers to the Holy Spirit.

Who did Jesus appoint as leader of the apostles?

Peter was appointed by Jesus to be the leader of the Apostles!!!

How many apostles did Jesus call?

Jesus called 12 apostles to serve him.

Who are the apostles of Jesus Christ and why do they follow Him?

the apostles of Jesus Christ are Peter, John, James,