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Who and where are Nabu Press?

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A quick search shows that Nabu Press has about 600,000 books listed on Amazon, all public domain reprints (similarly to General Books LLC, an imprint of the alleged scam publisher, VDM Publishing). There's no website for Nabu Press and their books do not have any contact information. Turns out that Nabu Press is ... BiblioBazaar / BiblioLife, a company started by former BookSurge partners after they sold their Print On Demand company to Amazon. No surprise then that they print their POD books through Amazon.

Take a look at the SC filing for Nabu Press LLC. The registered agent is for Nabu is:




A search of the same site, reveals that only two other corporations have the same registered agent - BIBLIOBAZAAR II, LLC and BIBLIOLABS, LLC. BiblioLabs is part of BiblioBazaar as stated on their website. So the final word is that Nabu Press is actually part of BiblioBazaar. HOWEVER, why did they NOT mention this on their website, and especially in the list of their imprints here on Amazon?

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What is the address of Nabu Press?

Nabu Press sells books on Amazon under the name BiblioBazaar and BiblioLife. According to their SEC filings, the address on file is 10-A Carolina, Charleston, SC 29403.

What is Nabu?

Nabu was the Babylonian god of wisdom, and writing.

What happened to nabu in season 4 in winx club?

Nabu ends up dying on episode 24

Will the winx be able to bring nabu back to life with the sirenix song?

No, Nabu can't be brought to life. I think Aisha (Layla) will go out with Roy.

Who wrote the book Poverty of India?

Poverty Of India was written by Dadabhai Naoroji. Published before the 1930's, it was been recently re-released in February 2010 by Nabu Press.

Who will be married in Winx season 4?

Nabu proposes to layla. *Spoiler* Nabu also dies before they get married but people are saying he is only in a coma and will come b ack in the 5th season.

What kind of company is Nabu Press?

Primarily a publisher, apparently located in Charleston, S.C., of paperbook books, reprinting out-of-print books often of considerable scarcity and/or somewhat arcane in subject matter. See below link:

Who is nabu judah?

she is a famous well known dancer that use to go to Anna yates

What happens if you don?

If you don the helmet of Doctor Fate,but was not chosen by Nabu you go insane.

What is the name of winx club boys?

Sky , Brandon , Riven , Timmy , Helia and Nabu.

Did nabu really die?

well according to winx club season 4 yes he did

How does nabu die in winx club?

to protect aisha and the others he defets the bleck circle dudes

Who are the past leader of chaldean empire?

Dynasty XI of Babylon (Neo-Babylonian or Chaldean)Nabu-apla-usur (Nabopolassar) 626 - 605 BCNabu-kudurri-usur (Nebuchadnezzar) II 605 - 562 BCAmel-Marduk 562 - 560 BCNergal-šar-usur (Nergal-sharezer) 560 - 556 BCLabaši-Marduk 556 BCNabu-na'id (Nabonidus) 556 - 539 BC

What is nabue?

Nabue is a name that is typically used for boys. It is derived from Nabu, who was the Babylonian and Assyrian god of wisdom.

Is nabu from winx club alive?

No one knows yet. He was not seen in the magical adventure movie either.

What are the heroes names on winx club?

helia,riven,brandon,sky,timmy and theres nabu but hes not a specialist

Is it true that one of the winx in winx club 4 is going to die?

Unfortunately Nabu dies in 24 episode (i think)...

Does anyone get married in winx club?

Well, I'm not sure, but i can tell you this ... Layla was supposed to get married with Nabu,but fortunately he dies ...so they don't they cant get married!

What are the boys in winx club name's?

The boys are the Winx boyfriends. Bloom & Sky Stella & Brandon Flora & Helia Tecna & Timmy Musa & Riven Layla (or Aisha) & Nabu

What is name of layla boyfriend in winx club?

At first, layla thinks her boyfriend's name is ophir (srry if i misspelled it) but later finds out his real name is nabu, the guy who she is supposed to marry.

Will nabu in winx club come back?

Yes. He comes back to life in Winx club 3D Magical Adventure!!! you can watch Winx club 3D Magical Adventure at veoh.com

The ancient god mushhushshu?

The mushhushshu protects many of the supreme gods. Its name means 'furious snake'. Gods like Marduk, Ashur, Ellil and Nabu all rode on a mushhushshu dragon.

What is the French abbreviation for a Nebuchadnezzar is it Nabuch Naboch Nabob?

I don't know of any abbreviation for Nabuchodonosor in French.--A Google search brings the abbreviation up as only "Nabu" and not any of the ones you mentioned.

How do you get help in ms word?

Press the F1 key.Press the F1 key.Press the F1 key.Press the F1 key.Press the F1 key.Press the F1 key.Press the F1 key.Press the F1 key.Press the F1 key.Press the F1 key.Press the F1 key.

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