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M3 . . i L0V3 ANDR3W JACKS0N . . ! H3 WAS TH3 B3ST PR3SiD3NT Y3T ! i L0V3 HiM B3CAUS3 H3 DiD S0 MUCH . . DATS WAT i L3ARN3D iN HiST0RY CLASS .

^Okay, I'm sure you leanred more than that.

Andrew Jackson was a man the people loved because in the War of 1812 he was viewed as a War Hero. The people knew and loved him, then elected him for Presidencey. He did it for the people, Jackson never wanted to be president. But the people said do it for your county, your a solider don't leave your country to evil people, being from the south he couldn't say no because of the pride Southners had.

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Who did Andrew Jackson in love with?


Which president was known as ''the man of the people''?

Andrew JacksonAndrew Jackson

What did Andrew Jackson love?

causing genocides

Why is Andrew Jackson portrayed as a king?

Andrew Jackson portrayed himself as a king so he could make love with more hookers.

Who thought Andrew Jackson was their Champion?

Common people, such as the working class, viewed Andrew Jackson as their champion. Andrew Jackson served as the 7th U. S. President.

Andrew Jackson related to what type of people?

One of the Rodebaugh families. Infact, I'm related to Andrew Jackson.

Who supported Andrew Jackson?

The common people.

Was Andrew Jackson a man of the people?


Who was the man of the people in 1824?

Andrew Jackson

Why was Andrew Jackson known as old history?

Andrew Jackson was known as old history because he was the one who did stuff for people and because Andrew Jackson was the most popular person in Kentucky.

Why did Andrew Jackson oppose the national bank?

Andrew Jackson opposed the first National Bank because he disliked the people running the national bank.

Common nickname for Andrew Jackson?

some of the nicknames of Andrew Jackson were "old hickory ,"king Andrew"and when he was young people often called him "Andy".

How did manifest destiny affect Texas?

Andrew Jackson won the election Andrew Jackson won the election Andrew Jackson won the election Andrew Jackson won the election Andrew Jackson won the election Andrew Jackson won the election Andrew Jackson won the election

How many people love Michael Jackson?

trillionssssssssssss tons of people love Michael Jackson i do to

What are the release dates for Rachel and Andrew Jackson A Love Story - 2001 TV?

Rachel and Andrew Jackson A Love Story - 2001 TV was released on: USA: 14 September 2001 (Nashville, Tennessee)

Why is Andrew Jackson different type of president than any other previous president?

BECAUSE, He didn't wanted people to call him PRESIDENT Andrew Jackson. He wanted them to say GENERAL Andrew Jackson.

Why people disagree that Andrew Jackson should be president?

they dissagreed with andrew jackson because he faught in many wars.He was a good president

Why was Andrew Jackson so important as a president?

Andrew Jackson was such an important because be brought government to the people and he knew how to have a good time.

Is Andrew Jackson related to any famous people?


Who used the slogan the people or the aristocracy?

Andrew Jackson

What famous people have the initials AJ?

Andrew Jackson..

What did andrew jackson do that led his critics to call him king andrew?

Andrew Jackson was criticized by detractors for abusing his power and violating the will of the people for his own benefit. These accusations led to the nickname King Andrew.

Is Andrew Jackson associated with Michael Jackson?

No Michael Jackson and Andrew Jackson are two different people.Michael Jackson is a singer and Andrew Jackson is the 7Th president

What did Andrew Jackson experience before serving office?

by showing love and support

Why should Andrew Jackson be condemned?

Andrew Jackson had the Cherokee Indians removed from their land. Many people saw this as an act that he should be condemned for.

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