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Who and why did people love Andrew Jackson?



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M3 . . i L0V3 ANDR3W JACKS0N . . ! H3 WAS TH3 B3ST PR3SiD3NT Y3T ! i L0V3 HiM B3CAUS3 H3 DiD S0 MUCH . . DATS WAT i L3ARN3D iN HiST0RY CLASS .

^Okay, I'm sure you leanred more than that.

Andrew Jackson was a man the people loved because in the War of 1812 he was viewed as a War Hero. The people knew and loved him, then elected him for Presidencey. He did it for the people, Jackson never wanted to be president. But the people said do it for your county, your a solider don't leave your country to evil people, being from the south he couldn't say no because of the pride Southners had.