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Fred Hollows was one of four children, his brothers being Colin, John and Maurice Hollows, sons of Joseph and Clarice Hollows.

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Q: Who are Fred Hollows siblings?
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Is Fred hollows Australian?

Yes, Fred Hollows is an Australian scientist.

What date and age did Fred Hollows begin his foundation?

it was 1992 when Fred hollows created the Fred hollows foundation which makes him 63

Where did Fred hollows die?

Fred Hollows died in Sydney, Australia

What did Fred hollows die from?

Fred Hollows died from metastatic cancer.

What is Fred Hollows full name?

Fred's full name is Frederick Cossom Hollows

What did Fred hollows study?

Fred Hollows studied Ophthalmology, which is studding diseases of the eyes.

What is Fred hollows parents name?

fred hollows mother was called clarice and his fathers name was joseph. Clarice and Joseph hollows

Where was Fred hollows educated at?

fred hollows was educated at home with his family in new zealand 1929.

When was Fred hollows born?

Fred Hollows was born on the ninth of April 1929.

What was Fred hollows parents name?

fred hollows parents names were handy cap and problems

What were Fred hollows kids names?

Fred Hollows had a wife called Gabby and 5 children called Cam, Emma, Anna-Louise and twins, Ruth and Rosa.

Does Fred hollows have any brothers?

Yes Fred Hollows did have brothers and their names are Colin, John and Maurice...