The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings

Who are Gandalf's friends?

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from LOTRs?

Gimli, Samwise,Frodo Baggins,....

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What is gandalfs ring called?

He was given Narya, the ring of fire, by Círdan, who owned it before him.

What is Gandalfs decision regarding Bilbo's part in the plan'?

To enter through the back secret passage of the hill.

What were Gandalfs final words of warning as he said goodbye to the dwarves and Bilbo?

Trust Mr. Baggins, be good, and "STAY ON THE PATH" on their travels through Mirkwood.

What were Gandalfs final cautionary words as he bade farewell to the dwarves and Bilbo?

Gandalf said "Good-bye! Be good, take care of yourselves-and DON'T LEAVE THE PATH!"

Is it he and his friends or his friends and he?

its him and his friends.WRONG. It is "his friends and he."

What was the name of gandalfs horse in the Lord of the Rings?

Shadowfax. Although technically, I don't think anybody actually owns Shadowfax. It's not so much that Shadowfax is Gandalf's horse as Gandalf is Shadowfax's human, the way I see it. It's like with cats. No one owns a cat, the cat owns you.

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