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miss pross brother who was also known as john barsad

Spy John Barsad and Miss Pross's brother

Miss Pross' brother. Later in the book you find out it is actually John Barsad.

John Barsad helped Charles Darnay escape by leading him out of the prison in A Tale of Two Cities.

John Barsad is the person who helped Darnay escape. Not Sydney Carton

Mr. Barsad the spy or Miss Pross's brother, Solomon is the sheep of the prison in Tale of Two Cities. All are the same person.

According to Wikipedia, Charles Dickens, GreatExpectations: John Barsad (real name Solomon Pross) -- A spy for Britain who later becomes a spy for France (at which point he must conceal that he is British). He is the long-lost brother of Miss Pross.

The register that Madame Defarge kept was a list of people in her knitting that were against the common people. An example is the spy John Barsad.

Mr. Solicitor-General tries to discredit John Barsad by exposing his past. He shows that John was a gambler, went to prison and had a bad reputation.

Barsad is concerned only for his own skin. He wants nothing to rebound to him by this mad act of Carton's and, having arranged for Carton's entrance into Darnay's cell, he considers their account settled.

He is one of the characters in A Tale of Two Cities. He fakes his death so he won't get slaughtered

Roger Cly is a spy. Cly was a witness who testified against Charles Darnay when he was on trial for treason.

He is one of two spies in the story who falsely testifies against Darnay in London.

The cast of A Tale of Two Cities - 1984 includes: John Benton John Eveison Phillip Hinton Liz Horne Robin Stewart Henri Szeps Ken Wayne

A Tale of Two Cities was created in 1859.

Carton knows lots of information that could uncover Barsad's spying career and get him arrested for many things. This is the metaphorical game of "cards" referred to in the chapter title.

Charles Dickens wrote A Tale of Two Cities.

Charles Dickens wrote A Tale of Two Cities.

The duration of A Tale of Five Cities is 1.43 hours.

He wrote A Tale of Two Cities in the 1830s.

Charles Dickens is the author of A Tale of Two Cities.

A Tale of Two Cities was first publisehd by Chapman & Hall

A Tale of Five Cities was created on 1951-03-01.

London and Paris are the two cities in A Tale of two cities.

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