Natalie Portman

Who are Natalie Portmans parents?

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Daughter of Avner and Shelley Hershlag.

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Is star wars Natalie portmans first movie?

Natalie Portman's first film was 'Leon: The Professional' 1996 .

What is Natalie portmans house address?

Natalie Portman c/o International Creative Management (ICM) 8942 Wilshire Blvd. Beverly Hills, CA 90211, USA

Who are Natalie Babbitts parents?

Natalie babbits parent s are ..................................

What was Natalie woods race?

Natalie Woods was caucasian; her parents were both Russian immigrants.

What was Natalie cole parents ethnicity?


What are the names of Frank Sinatra's parents?

Martin and Natalie ("Dolly") Sinatra were his parents.

Who are Natalie Grant's parents?

Arnold & Gloria Grant

Who are Natalie Coughlin's parents?

James and Zennie Coughlin.

Are Natalie Babbitt's parents deceased?

Yes,she is pretty old so her parents are dead sorry if it upsets you.

What is Natalie horlers hometown?

She was born in Bonn (Germany) of English parents.

Is Natalie tran Asian?

Natalie Tran's parents were Vietnamese refugees who moved to Australia in 1981. Natalie was born in Sydney, Australia on July 26th, 1986. Therefore she is of Vietnamese parentage and her nationality is Australian.

Who is Natalie babbitt parents?

I think Ralph Zane & Genevieve Converse Moore

Is Natalie Portman Jewish?

Yes, she is Jewish.Both of her parents are Jewish.yes

What are Juliet Simms' parents names?

Natalie Simms & Jeff Simms :)

Is Cascada Portuguese?

No. They are from Germany, although vocalist Natalie Horler's parents are English.

What nationality was actress Natalie Wood?

She was American. She was born in California, but her parents came from Russia.

What branch is Natalie kabra in the 39 clues?

Lucian. Her parents are the leaders of the branch as well.

What did Natalie Portman immigrate for?

Her parents moved from Israel when she was young. It wasn't really her choice.

Who are the Kabras?

They are a Lucian family. The children are Ian and Natalie Kabra. Their parents are Isabel and Vikram Kabra.

Is Natalie sawyer single?

Natalie Sawyer married co-presenter of Sky Sports News ,Sam Matterface in June 2011. They are proud parents to a son, Sawyer, born in October 2010.

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How do you write Natalie in Arabic?


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