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Q: Who are Oklahoma all time leading rushers?
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Who is Oklahoma's all time leading passer?

landry jones

Who is the all time leading receiver in ncaa history?

Ryan Broyles Oklahoma

LSU all time top 10 leading rushers?

I was wondering the same thing, I believe Dalton Hilliard is numero uno thoughFrom the LSU football website:Kevin Faulk is the all time leading rusher with "4,557 yards and 46 touchdowns in his career". Dalton Hilliard is number two.

Who are Penn State's 10 all time leading rushers?

Penn State's All-Time Leading Rushers3,414* - Evan Royster3,398 - Curt Warner3,320 - Tony Hunt3,301 - Blair Thomas3,256 - Curtis Ennis3,227 - D.J. Dozier2,953 - Larry Johnson2,934 - Lydell Mitchell2,829 - Ki-Jana Carter2,818 - Matt Suhey

A list of all the leading rushers in all of OU's national championship games does it exist?

No sorry it does not, because OU is a horrible school.... GO GATORS

What nfl team has the most 1000 yard rushers all time?


Who is the all time leading scorer in Oklahoma State basketball's history?

Byron Houston with 2379 points.

Who are the nfl's top 50 rushers of all time?

probably O.J. Simpson was on that list for sure.

Which time zone is Hobart Oklahoma in?

All of Oklahoma is in the Central Time Zone.

Who is the all time leading rusher college for one season in college football?

Barry Sanders from Oklahoma State, rushed for 2628 yards in one season.

How many games have OU played Kansas in football?

After Oklahoma's 45-31 victory over Kansas on October 18, 2008 the schools have played 100 times with Oklahoma leading the all time series 66-28-6.

Who are the UCLA bruins top 5 all time leading rushers?

1. Gaston Green 3,731 2. Johnathon Franklin 3. Freeman McNeil 4. Skip Hicks 5. Wendell Tyler 6. DeShaun Foster Maurice-Jones Drew not in top 5