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Who are Roberto luongos parents?

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welll that's not creepy at all....................

Melchor Clemente and Luisa Walker

dick {father} gertrude {mother}

Roberto Clemente's father (Don Melchor Clemente) and mother (Luisa Walker) were from Puerto Rico.

he was poor because he was in a problem with his parents not having money

Roberto Valdez Servantes And Maria Del Fina Sandoval ValdezRoberto Valdez Servantes And Maria Del Fina Sandoval Valdez

•Roberto Jr., Luis Roberto, and Enrique Roberto.

Roberto Clemente Junior Luis Roberto Enrique Roberto

Roberto Poloni has written: 'Roberto Poloni'

Roberto Barni has written: 'Roberto Barni'

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Roberto Rondelli's birth name is Rondelli, Roberto.

He and is wife Vera Zabala had three children: Roberto Jr., Luis Roberto and Enrique Roberto.

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Roberto es nuestro primo = Roberto is our cousin

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