Who are Top 10 fast bowlers in cricket?

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Current fastest bowlers:

1. Shoaib Akhtar
2. Shaun Tait
3.Dirk Nannes
4. Dale Steyn
5.Mohammed Amir
6. Brett Lee
7.Mitchell Johnson
8.Peter Siddle
9. Shane Bond
10.Kemar Roach
Bowlers at all times Officialy

1. Shoaib Akhtar -100.3 mph
2.Shoaib Akhter -100.1 mph
3. Muhammad sami -100.0 mph
4.Brett lee - 99.9 mph
5. Shaun Tait - 99.9 mph
6. Jeff Thompson - 99.8 mph
7.Shane Bond -98.1 mph
8.Mohammed Sami -97.6 mph
9.Lasitha Malinga - 96.8 mph
10. Mitchell Johnson - 95.4 mph
Bowlers in terms of average speed

1. Shoaib Akhtar
2. Bret Lee
3. Shaun Tait
4. Shane Bond
5.Dale Steyn
6.Mohammed Sami
7.Lasith Malinga
8.Andrew Flintoff
9.Mitchell Johnson
10.Kemar Roach
Bowlers according to their fastest ball

1. Brett Lee 161.8 km/h
2. Shoaib Akhtar - 161.3 km/h
3. Shaun Tait - 160.7 km/h
4. Jeff Thompson - 160.4 km/h
5. Shane Bond - 156.4 km/h
6. Mohammed Sami - 156.3 km/h
7. Lasith Malinga - 155.4 km/h
8. Dale Steyn - 154.5 km/h
9. Andrew Flintoff - 153.9 km/h
10. Varun Aaron - 153.4 km/h
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Who is the best cricket bowler in the world?

Top of the ICC rankings for bowlers is currentyl South African seam bowler Dale Steyn for test matches and New Zealand spin bowler Daniel Vettori for One Day Internationals England spin bowler Graeme Swann appears highest in both test (2nd) and ODI's (4th) which suggests he is currently the best b ( Full Answer )

Who is the fastest bowler in cricket?

The world's undisputed fastest bowler is Shaun Tait of Australia. He has bowled over 160 kmph on several occasions and is easily faster than any other bowler in the world.

Who is the fastest Australian cricket bowler?

Brett Lee is currently the fastest Australian cricket bowler, having bowled at 160.8 kmh. Sorry to tell you but Shaun tait has just out done Brett Lee as Tait bowled 160.9 Km/h against paskistan Shaun Tait- 161.1 kmph vs England at Lords June-July 2010

Who is the best bowler in cricket?

According to the ICC official rankings it is Dale Steyn from South Africa. See ralated links below for the list of top ten batsmen and bowlers. the best bowler in the world is so murali

Who was the top bowler for 2007?

Chris Barnes (born February 25, 1970 in Topeka, Kansas ) is an American professional bowler currently on the Professional Bowlers Association (PBA) Tour. He bowled collegiately at Wichita State University , where he also earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Management. He was a member o ( Full Answer )

Top 10 all time spin bowlers?

1) Imran Khan (The All-Time Greatest) 2) Wasim Akram (The King Of Swing) 3) Shane Warne (Aussies Legend) 4) Muttiah Muralitharan (Sri Lanka's Sensation) 5) Jim Laker (England's Hero) 6) Anil Kumble (India's Favourite) 7) Lancelot Richard Gibbs (First To Reach 300 wicket mark) 8) Abdul ( Full Answer )

Who is the fastest bowler in test cricket?

Unconfirmed reports - Jeff Thomson of Australia during the 70's. More recently using accurate speed cameras - Shoaib Akhtar has thrown a couple down above 160km/hr. Brett Lee has bowled at 157 km/hr

Who are the top 10 English scorers in cricket test matches?

1 8900 Graham Gooch 2 8463 Alec Stewart 3 8231 David Gower 4 8114 Geoffrey Boycott 5 7728 Michael Atherton 6 7624 Colin Cowdrey 7 7249 Wally Hammond 8 6971 Len Hutton 9 6806 Ken Barrington 10 6744 Graham Thorpe

Who is the Best fast bowler in cricket history?

There are many people who would be competing for this spot. Some of them are: . Courtney Walsh . Wasim Akram . Curtly Ambrose . Glen McGrath . Alan Donald . Dennill Lillee . Malcolm Marshall . Kapil Dev . Dale Steyn

Top 10 wicket takers for Australia in cricket?

1. Shane Warne 708 Wickets 2. Glen McGrath 563 Wickets 3. Denis Lillee 355 Wickets 4. Brett Lee 310 Wickets 5. Craig McDermott 291 Wickets 6. Jason Gillespie 259 Wickets 7. Richie Benaud 248 Wickets 8. Garth McKenzie 246 Wickets 9. Ray Lindwall 228 Wicke ( Full Answer )

Who is the fastest bowler of the world in Cricket?

Though Jeff "Thommo" Thomson of Australia was long regarded as the fastest bowler in the world (with a fastest ball clocked at 99.7 mph and rumoured to have broken the 100mph barrier), today Shoaib Akhtar of Pakistan, Brett Lee and Shaun Tait of Australia are considered the fastest bowlers in the hi ( Full Answer )

Who are the top ten bowlers in Cricket?

Some of the best bowlers of all time are: . wasim akram . waqar younis . abdul qadir . saqlain mushtaq . shoaib akhtar . shahid afridi . mohammad sami . umar gul . mahammad asif . mahammad ami . mitpal singh sahota

Who are the 5 fast bowlers of India?

Some currently playing good fast bowlers from India are: . Zaheer Khan . Aashish Nehra . Ajit Agarkar . Sreesanth . Irfan Pathan . Ishanth Sharma . etc...

Who are the 10 fastest bowlers in cricket?

Rank Name Played for Highest rating 1 Sydney Barnes England 9322 George Lohmann England 9313 Imran Khan Pakistan 9224 Glenn McGrath Australia 9145 Curtly Ambrose West Indies 9126 Ian Botham England 9117 Malcolm Marshall West Indies 9108 Richard Hadlee New Zealand 9098 Waqar Younis Pakist ( Full Answer )

What do bowlers aim for in cricket?

The bowlers main aim is to hit the timber and anything coming in between it. This needs lot of concentration and practice.

Who is 10 fastest bowler in cricket?

1. Shaun Tait 2. Dirk Nannes 3. Shoaib Akhtar 4. Dale Steyn 5. Brett Lee 6. Morne Morkel 7. Peter Siddle 8. Kemar Roach 9. Stuart Broad 10. Mitchell Johnson

Who are Top 10 speed bowler of cricket?

Here are records of 10 Fastest Bowlers. 1. Shoaib Akhtar - 161.3 km/h 2. Brett Lee - 160.8 km/h 3. Shaun Tait - 160.7 km/h 4. Jeff Thompson - 160.4 km/h 5. Shane Bond - 157.4 km/h 6. Lasith Malinga - 155.6 km/h 7. Mitchell Johnson - 154.8 km/h 8. Andrew Flintoff - 153.9 km/h 9. D ( Full Answer )

Who are top 10 fastest bowlers in the world?

1. Brett Lee (Australia) 2. Shaun Tait (Australia) 3. Dale Steyn (South Africa) 4. Shane Bond (New Zealand) 5. Mitchell Johnson (Australia) 6.Kemar Roach (West Indies) 7. Andrew Flintoff (England) 8.Peter Siddle (Australia) 9.Lasith Malinga (Sri Lanka) 10.Mohammed Aamer (Pakistan)

Who are the Top 10 batsmans in world cricket?

SCA JOHNPAUL 1.don bradman 2.sachin tendulkar 3.brainlara 4.viv Richards 5.saeed anwar 6.Micheal beaven 7.Gary Kristen 8.ricky ponting 9.sanath jayasuriya 1.sauraw ganguly

Who is the fastest English cricket bowler?

Shane Bond is the fastest English cricket bowler. Shane Bond is not an English cricketer.....he is from Newzealand! well he is fast...but the fastest is SHOAIB AKHTER from PAKISTAN!

Top 10 cricket player of the world?

1.sachin tendulkar 2.paul collinwood 3.brain Lara 4.don bradman 5.Gary sobers 6.ms dhoni 7.kapil dev 8.shahid afridi 9.suresh raina 10 mattew Hayden

Who is the fast bowler at now?

there r loads of quick bowlers in the world right now but fastest one is going to be Morne Morkel of South Africa (my opinion) but the country that has produced the highest number of quick bowlers is Pakistan they have produced the best and most fast bowlers in the history of cricket

Who are top 10 swing bowlers?

1.Sarfaraz Nawaz: Pakistan 2.Imran Khan: Pakistan 3.Wasim Akram: Pakistan 4.Waqar Younis: Pakistan 5.Kapil Dev: Pakistan 6. Aaqib Javid:Pakistan (this is incomplete and most likely needs editing)

Who are Top fast bowlers in cricket?

right now there are many names to mention a few, mind u they r not in order: Umar Gul, Wahab Riaz, Sohail Khan (Pakistan) Lasith Malinga (Sri lanka) Morne Morkel, Merchant De Lange, Dale Steyn (South Africa) Shaun Tait, Brett Lee, Mitchell Johnson, Ryan Harrid, Peter Siddle, Dirk Nannes ( Full Answer )

Who are the top 10 bowlers in cricket?

Dale Steyn Saeed Ajmal James Anderson Stuart Broad Peter Siddle G.P. Swann Abdur Rehman B.W. Hilfenhaus M. Morkel Zaheer Khan

Who are the top 10 batsmen in cricket?

The top 10 batsmen are: 1) Sachin Tendulkar 2) Donald Bradman 3) Ricky Ponting 4) Vivian Richards 5) Brian Lara 6) Garfield Sobers 7) Steven Waugh 8) Inzamam-Ul-Haq 9) Javed Mialdad 10) Adam Gilchrist

What is the fastest cricket delivery by a bowler?

Its Bret lee of Australia. Much controversy surrounds this question, namely because speed guns have only recently been introduced to world cricket. Moreover, the reliability and the validity of the speed guns is questionable - some speed guns have been said to be corrupted in order for countries t ( Full Answer )

In cricket how can you bat better against fast bowlers?

Use the bat as a protection. When the ball goes to the side, just whack it like never before, but when it is fast just hold your bat vertically so it protects 1/3 stumps. Then you could drive forward in the same position, for a bit of power.

Who is the best cricket bowler in cricket history?

This is not as a clear cut question as the best batsmen in the history of the sport but arguably i would say Shane Warne,However others to be considered would be Muttiah Muralitharan, Glenn Mcgrath, Curtley Ambrose, Sydney Barnes, Malcolm Marshall or Dennis Lillie.

Who are the top 10 one day run scorers cricket?

1) Sachin Tendulkar (IND) 2) Ricky Pointing 3) Sanath Jayasurya 4) Inzamam Ul-Haq 5) Jack Kallis 6) Sourav Ganguly 7) Rahul Dravid 8) Mahela Jayawardhene 9) Kumar Sangkara 10) Brian Lara

How do fast bowlers take wickets?

Long Answer: A fast bowler does not take wickets on his own. It requires the whole team (especially for the batsman to be caught out or stumped). As a fast bowler it is important that the other 10 players on the field are constantly encouraging, walking in with the bowler and alert for any catch, st ( Full Answer )

Who are the top three Pakistani bowlers?

There are a number of different divisions from amateur to professional. The top three Pakistani professional bowlers as of 2012 are Saeed Ajmal, Shaheed Afridi, and Muhammed Hafeez.

How can I join to your club i am fast bowler?

If you're wanting to join a cricket club as a player... Write tothe club secretary, and outline your skills (and weaknesses). Ifthey consider you have the potential to be a team member, they willprobably invite you to the club to assess your potential.