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Who are all the Mexican Football teams and what part of Mexico are they from?


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The Mexican First Division is made up of 18 clubs, the season is divided into two

halves, the 2009 Apertura regular season was just completed, clubs are listed

in their order of finish

Club Name City or state

Toluca Toluca

Cruz Azul Mexico City

Morelia Morelia

America Mexico City

Monterrey Monterrey

Santos Torreon

Puebla Puebla

Pachuca Pachuca

Atlante Quintana Roo (used to play in Mexico City)

Tigres Monterrey

San Luis San Luis Potosi

Estudiantes Guadalajara (Tecos?)

Jaguares Chiapas

Chivas Guadalajara

Atlas Guadalajara

Gallos Blancos Irapuato

Pumas Mexico City

Indios Cuidad Juarez

please feel free to make any corrections in my spelling or club locations


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