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Grace Hopper invented COBOL language.

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Q: Who are some famous female computer scientists or inventors?
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Who are famous female scientists?

They are scientists who became famous and happen to be female.

Are there more male inventors than female inventors?


Is there is any female famous scientists?

yes, madam curie.

Who is the famous female scientists who studied chimpanzees in Africa?

Jane Goodall

Who are some female scientists?

Some of the most famous female scientists are: Madame Curie, chemist. Jane Goodall, primatologist. Diane Fossey, primatologist.

Who are some famous Australian female scientists?

Caroline gill, elizabeth kenny, drfiona woods

What is the percentage of male scientists versus female scientists?

The ratio of male scientists to female scientists is approximately 3 to 1, or roughly 70% male to 30% female.

Who are some female famous scientists and what are their contributions to science?

Some female famous scientists and their contributions to science include MARIE CURIE - radioactivity JANE GOODALL - expert on chimpanzees MARIA MAYER - Nobel Prize winner for suggesting the nuclear shell model of the atomic nucleus

Who is a famous female computer scientist?

The main one I'm aware of is Ada Lovelace whom the programming language Ada is named after. You can find more in the wikipedia list of famous computer scientists.

Are female scientists more important than male scientists back then?

No, in fact, male scientists were more important that female. Back then, women were not yet respected like they are today.

Who are some female inventors?

grace hopper,mary kies,ruth handler,sarah boone

Who was the most famous woman scientist?

In Wikipedia there is a list of female scientists before the 21st century, perhaps Marie Curie. See link below.

Names of girl scientists?

One of the many female scientists is Joy Adamson.

Who is a famous female Egyptian ruler?

Cleopatra was a famous female Egyptian.

Who are some famous female pairs?

famous female pairs in history

What is a famous female singer?

A person who is famous, female (girl) and a singer........

Are there more male scientists than female scientists?

yes there are more male scientist in the world because 1 there are more boy 2 female scientist jut now are abel to be scientists

Why do scientists have to have a female mosquitoes to clone a dinosaur?

Scientists believe they can extract dinosaur DNA from a fossilised female mosquito,in an attempt to clone a dinosaur.A female mosquito is being used because, only the female feeds on blood.

What are the release dates for Anderson - 2011 Bethenny Frankel and Million Dollar Female Inventors- Plus 'DWTS' Preview with Tom Bergeron?

Anderson - 2011 Bethenny Frankel and Million Dollar Female Inventors- Plus 'DWTS' Preview with Tom Bergeron was released on: USA: 2012

Who is famous female doctor in history?

A famous female doctor in history is June Singer

What do you call a famous female singer?

A Famous Female Singer

What function does the female port do on the computer?

Most ports on a computer are female. They each have different purposes.

What famous female soccer players have worn the number 8?

There are no famous female soccer players.

Is the computer an American invention?

yes it is but the person who invented it is not one male or female. many of people contributed to this but the most famous can be found on

What do you call a female singer?

A Famous Female Singer