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Mario Williams.

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Q: Who are some of the famous greek Texans?
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Who are some famous Texans?

George Bush, and I think Chuck Norris...

What are some Famous hispanic Texans born in Texas?

Brooke Quintanilla

Names of famous greek sculptures?

some of the famous sculpture of Greek are namely "The Discobolos by the sculptor Myron, Laocoon and his sons, of Niobe and her daughter, of the 'Nike of Samothrace" are some of the famous sculpture of greek

Who were some famous greek historians?

# #

Who are some famous greek mathmatitions?


Famous battle where the Texans were defeated?

The Battle of the Alamo.

What is the most famous greek art?

Some of the most famous Greek statues and sculptures are "Athena" and "Zeus."

A was a famous Greek mathematician?

Some famous Greek mathematicians were Pythagoras, Aristotle, Anaxagoras, Euclid, Archimedes and Thales, among others.

Who are some famous Greek immigrants?

mia talerico

What was the famous slogan the Texans shouted when they were attacked?

Remember the Alamo

Who are the famous greek mythology writers?

Some, but not all are:HomerHesiodSapphoArchilochusTyrtaeusSolonAlcaeusSemonidesAlcmanStesichorusMimnermusAesopThalesAnacreonTheognisHipponaxIbycusSimonidesThespisAeschylusPindarBacchylidesHecataeusSophoclesEuripidesSocratesLysiasAristophanesPlatoHerodotusThucydidesXenophonDemosthenesAristotleDiphilusMenander

What was the most famous defeat of the Texans occurred the a spanish mission called?

the Alamo