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Who are the 20 highest paid athletes in the world?


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Here is the list of the top 20 paid atheletes as of 2004. (of course in millions of dollars) 1 TIGER WOODS | golf $80.3 2 MICHAEL SCHUMACHER |auto racing $80.0 3 Peyton Manning | football $42.0 4 Michael Jordan | basketball $35.0 5 SHAQUILLE O'NEAL | basketball $31.9 6 KEVIN GARNETT | basketball $29.7 7 ANDRE AGASSI | tennis $28.2 8 DAVID BECKHAM | soccer $28.0 9 ALEX RODRIGUEZ | baseball $26.2 10 KOBE BRYANT | basketball $26.1 11 GRANT HILL | basketball $25.9 12 DEREK JETER | baseball $23.2 13 BARRY BONDS | baseball $22.7 14 MANNY RAMIREZ | baseball $22.1 15 OSCAR DE LA HOYA | boxing $22.0 16 LEBRON JAMES | basketball $21.1 17 VINCE CARTER | basketball $20.2 18 DALE EARNHARDT JR. |auto racing $20.1 19 ARNOLD PALMER | golf $20.0 20 PHIL MICKELSON | golf $19.8


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Yes, they get paid. Professional athletes are among the highest paid people in the world. Some of the higher salaries in the NBA range from 20 million to 16 million a year while the lower contracts range from 2 million to 5 million a year.

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The highest paid celebrity endorser is Jay Z. He was paid $20 million to endorse Samsung Galaxy phones. In the past he has endorsed Budweiser and Microsoft products.

The highest price the Russians paid in World War 2 was having 20 million of their people murdered by the Nazi Germans.

The top five highest paid footballers in Europe are Christiano Ronaldo, Kaka, Samuel Etoo, Zalatin Ibrahimovic and Totti.

That depends on who you are talking about. Prime time great athletes in soccer, i.e. David Beckham, get paid $50 million a year. Most soccer players get paid less than that, though, much less. A good basketball player gets paid around $20 million a year.

She is the second highest paid actress after reese witherspoon and earns in excess of $20 million per movie. She is the second highest paid actress after reese witherspoon and earns in excess of $20 million per movie.

I don't know but Shane Dawson is #1!

A professional athlete will usually get paid anywhere from 100k to 20 million dollars a year. The average is probably a little less than a million.

One of the top 20 paid football players in the world is Cristiano Ronaldo. Cristiano Ronaldo plays for the Real Madrid in Portugal.

The highest paid soccer coaches can be paid up to 10 million dollars a year. Most soccer coaches make about 20 thousand dollars a year.

biff manstrong with 20 british pence a game

The highest paid sport is soccer. The FIFA World Cup (shown) is is every 4 years and is paid about $260,000,000! 2nd place is more soccer, this is the Champions Cup in Europe where club teams or city teams play off. The next is the Dubai World Cup which is a racing event and is paid about $22,000,000. 1. FIFA World Cup: $260,000,000 2. UEFA Champions League $170,000,000 3. Dubai World Cup Night 22,000,000 4. The Breeders Cup 21,000,000 5. The US Open Tennis Tournament \ tied at $20,000,000 5. Stanford 20/20 For Twenty / 6. World Series Of Poker \ tied at 8,000,000 6. Royal Ascot Meeting /

The top 10 highest paid athletes this year are all either golfers, basketball players or race car drivers. Tiger Woods made 110 million. Kobe and Jordon made less than half as much at 45 million. But they may be the exception. In the top 20, there were Baseball players for sure. See this link

Highest T20I score is 260-6 for Sri Lanka against Kenya in 2007 T20 World Cup in South Africa.

Over 50 countries have 5 or less athletes and 11 are tied at 2 athletes. There are 20 countries with only 6 athletes

Depending on the region of the country from $20 to $50 per hour with highest rates being paid in the new York Metro and Los Angeles areas Depending on the region of the country from $20 to $50 per hour with highest rates being paid in the new York Metro and Los Angeles areas

The highest common factor is: 20

Highest paid actor: Keanu Reeves....earned almost $200M for The Matrix series alone In 2007, Reese Witherspoon and Angelina Jolie were the highest paid actresses. 1. Reese Witherspoon - $15 million-$20 million 2. Angelina Jolie - $15 million-$20 million 3. Cameron Diaz - $15+ million 4. Nicole Kidman - $10 million-$15 million 5. Renee Zellweger - $10 million-$15 million

We do not have the figures for 2013 yet, but in 2012 (according to TV Guide), Sean Hannity was the second highest paid host at Fox News: Bill O'Reilly made $20 million a year, while Hannity was paid $15 million. Shepard Smith was the highest paid news anchor-- he made $10 million.

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