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I am not exactly sure but there are more than seven players including the emergency.

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There are 7 players on a netball team

7 players in a netball team

There are 7 players on each team.

No a netball team has 7 players but you can have reserves which could make up 8 - 9 - 10 or more players

netball is made of 7 players on a team the court and the umpiers

There are 14 players on a netball court at any given time. 7 from each team.

A netball team consists of about 10 players, 7 on the court and 3 reserves. Each team as 7 players on the court so there are 14 players all up on the court.

7 Players on a Netball Team

you play for 15 minutes. Netball is a team game, where 7 players from each team, are on court at any once time. A netball team may have of up to twelve players on the their team.

7 play but if you have more in a team then the other players go "off"

In netball one team has 7 players so in a full game of netball there are always 14 people on court and usually 2 subs for each team.

there are 7 players on a netball court. GS GA WA C WD GD GK

If you want to play a game of netball you'll need:a netball7 players per teaman umpireposition bibs

Seven players in a netball team.

no you need to have a minimum of 7 players on court because there is 7 positions but you can have up to 12 on a team

There are 7 players on a netball team; C, WA, GA, GS, WD, GD, GK Hope that helps:)

There are 7 players on your team, but altogether there are 14 on one court

there are 7 players GS GA WA C WD GD GK

A maximum of 12 players in a team with 5-7 players on court (a game cannot continue with less than 5 players on court).

You can have up to about 12 but only 7 on the court at a time, per team.

=There are 12 in the team and 7 on a court at a time. So that means 5 on the bench and 7 on court.=

There are 7 players on court, but you can have up to 12 on the team.

Their are 7 GA,GD,GK,GS,C,WA and WD :) xx

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