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The Arkansas Razorbacks are a College Football team associated with Arkansas University. They also have a Baseball team, tennis team, soccer team, golf and gymnastics.

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Q: Who are the Arkansas Razorbacks?
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Who owns the Arkansas Razorbacks?

The Arkansas Razorbacks represent the University of Arkansas. College teams aren't 'owned' by anyone, they are a part of the educational institution they represent.

When was Fort Smith Razorbacks created?

Arkansas Razorbacks football was created in 1894.

What team did Darren McFadden play for?

He use to play for the University of Arkansas Razorbacks in college

Who is the quarterback for the Arkansas razorbacks?

tyler wilson

Is the Arkansas razorbacks 2009 football team ranked?


What is the two sport team name for Arkansas?


Razorbacks is the nickname of which university?

University of Arkansas, Fayettville.

What is the Arkansas razorbacks longest winning streak?


What year did the Arkansas razorbacks when the BCS championship?


What has the author Dudley Dawson written?

Dudley Dawson has written: 'University of Arkansas Razorbacks' -- subject(s): Arkansas Razorbacks (Basketball team), Basketball players, Pictorial works

Which university does the Arkansas Razorbacks football team represent?

The Arkansas Razorbacks football team represents the University of Arkansas. The Arkansas University student body voted to take this name in 1910 after a game where they were said too have played like razorback hogs.

What is Arkansas football team name?

razorbacks, a type of hog.