Who are the Dropa?

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September 13, 2011 2:32PM


The Dropa are a tribe living in the BayanKara-ula mountains in the region between the Tibet and Chinese boarder. They are a race neither Chinese of Tibetan in looks or stature. There was a cave discovered in the area that had arranged graves side by side with small statured, big headed creatures in them. These were at first thought to be gorillas but later decided against because gorillas don't bury their dead. There were over 700 stone discs found in the cave with a spriral groove on it similar to a album or lp record. They 9 inches in diameter and 3/4 inch thich and had a hole in the center. These dated to 10,000 - 12000 years ago making them older then the pyramids. The spirals , upon closer examination had heiroglyphics on them and were eventually deciphered. The message read that a group of people fell from the sky in a spaceship. It was damaged and they had to seek refuge in this cave 10 times the first day. They were unable to repair the spacecraft and were unable to return home. The Dropa are small in stature and are referred to as the pygmy tribe. There is a lot about them that is considered to be a hoax. It is a good topic of discussion and good reading material if you get the time.