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Brian Moore formally a hooker (no 2)

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Who are the famous rugby players in the ireland rugby team?

brian o'driscoll ronnon o'gara

What is rugby in English?

Its Rugby. as named after the Town of Rugby, Warwickshire England where the game is reported to have started.

What are the players of rugby called?

Rugby Players

Are rugby league and rugby union played with the same number of players?

No. Rugby Union = 15 players Rugby League = 13 players

Are soccer players faster then rugby players?

It's hard to say, generally soccer players all need to be very quick, but in rugby some players do little running. Brian Habanna is probably the quickest rugby player in the world and may be quicker than Cristiano Ronaldo when running, however a 20st forward would be slower. The quickest rugby and soccer players may be similar, but the slowest soccer player would be quicker than than slowest rugby player.

Who has the most rugby players?

Australia has the most Rugby players.

What is the collective noun of rugby players?

I have seen two, whether or not they are accepted, I honestly do not know. A Ruck of Rugby Players A Scrum of Rugby Players Another might be: a maul of rugby players. But usually it's a "team" of rugby players.

Can you name some famous rugby players named Chris?

Chris Lawrence for Wests Tigers....

What rugby players surname begins with the letter q?

Pat Quinn - English Rugby Player Charles Quade - New Zealand Rugby Player D.L.J Quigley - Canadian Rugby Player

How many rugby players in Ireland?

There are about 153,080 rugby players in Ireland

Name Rugby players with 100 caps or more?

George Gregan Jason Lennard Brian O'Drisscol Phillipe Cella

Which Scottish football club were named after an English rugby club team?


Does Ireland have any famous Rugby players?

Ireland is one of the world's top international rugby teams, so they have and have had many famous players. Players like the current captain, in March 2015, Paul O'Connell and the recently retired Brian O'Driscoll, and many, many others.

How many players are allowed on the rugby field for one team at a time?

for rugby league it is 13 players and for rugby union it is 15 players

What is a rugby league players salary?

A Rugby Union players gets much more than Rugby League players. Rugby League players get between (in average) 80,000k-120,000k. The highest paid rugby league player earns 500,000k a year.

Who gets paid more football players or rugby players?

Rugby players because they get more recognition

How many players on an Australian rugby league football team?

13 ... there are 13 players in rugby league and 15 players on a rugby union team

How many rugby players are there in Japan?

There are 122,598 registered rugby union players in japan.

When was Rugby Players' Association created?

Rugby Players' Association was created in 1998.

When was Brian Smith - rugby - born?

Brian Smith - rugby - was born on 1966-09-09.

When was Brian O'Meara - rugby union - born?

Brian O'Meara - rugby union - was born in 1976.

When was Brian Shaw - rugby league - born?

Brian Shaw - rugby league - was born in 1931.

When did Brian Shaw - rugby league - die?

Brian Shaw - rugby league - died in 2011.

When was Brian Robinson - rugby player - born?

Brian Robinson - rugby player - was born in 1966.

How many players are nedded to play rugby?

Rugby League has 13 players on each team. Rugby Union has 15 players on each team. There is a recognised game of seven-a-side in Rugby Union.