The Illuminati

Who are the Illuminati?

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2013-10-26 12:22:19

In present day life, no one. They broke up around 1785. The

modern, imaginary Illuminati are no more real than unicorns.

Of course, you have as much right to declare yourself an

Illuminatus as anyone else. You can be one if you want. But it is

very wrong to call someone else one just because you envy them, the

way people do these days. That's accusing them of conspiracy-- not

something you want to try unless have an unlimited legal


But in real-life terms, all the actual Illuminati died centuries

ago. No living person has ever been proven to be an Illuminati in a

court of law.

Historically the Illuminati was a group of individuals who made

up an Enlightenment era secret society which began in 1776 and

lasted for about ten years, at the most. Nowadays, the Illuminati

is considered to be a group of individuals (unknown and unproven)

who supposedly are a part of the New World Order, purportedly

attempting to control world politics and economics.

For some reason they just won't go away! It's hard to move

around when you don't exist!

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