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Who are the Original hollyoaks cast members?


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March 18, 2011 11:46PM

Let's see: Maddie who manged a very small bistro, Kirk- the main man, brother Oli, sis, Lucy, best mates with Tony and Jambo. Then there was the female lead who Kirk drooled over, can't remember her name- she was the cousin of Terri Dwyer's character and died when her drink was spiked. She was best mates with Max Cunningham's eldest sister who died from leukemia, also best mates with Maddie, and Louise a real hippy type who ran off with a traveller. Lucy Benson was best friends with Natalie Casey's character. Tony was at catering college back in the day.

There were originally 5 cast members. The three boys were; Jambo, Kurt and Tony. There were two girls but I can only remember Dawn's name.